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Kim Hallin

Hi, I'm Kim. I'm the author of "Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity" and the owner/founder of Unbridled LLC, a unique equine experiential learning business in Charleston, South Carolina. Through my Ruzuku online classes and membership programs I offer very affordable learning options for students who enjoy self-paced remote learning or who want to supplement their hands-on experiential learning at Unbridled with online materials and support.

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About this course

Understanding My Purpose!

This course will help you answer the question, “Who am I and what are the gifts I personally can bring to creating a better world?” 

The five in-depth lessons in this course will remind you that we can all lead, individually and collectively, from wherever we are... simply by remembering and bringing our greatest gifts forward.

Lesson One: Remembering What Makes Me Happy
Lesson Two: Reconnecting with my Core Values
Lesson Three: Identifying My Unique Personal Qualities
Lesson Four: My Natural Talents & Learned Skills
Lesson Five: My Vision of a Perfect World

Upon enrollment you will gain immediate access to the full course. Each week's lesson materials begin with an introductory video and include downloadable worksheets designed to guide you in deeper self-reflection and experiential practice. If you so choose, you can engage with other students (and Kim) via the discussion threads in the classroom.

As a lifelong horse lover and the lead facilitator of "equine-inspired learning" at Unbridled LLC, all of Kim Hallin's online courses are laced with horse wisdom!

"You won't regret investing time, energy and intention in one of Kim's classes. She takes care to craft content that is thought-provoking and aimed at bringing out your best. She creates beautiful, safe, encouraging spaces for participants to fully immerse ourselves, open up to being vulnerable, craft actions that help us get out of our own way, and take away new ways of thinking, being and acting that lead to more satisfaction and a greater sense of purpose and meaning."