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Bullet Brown

NAPCG president, Bullet Brown, has spent more than three decades working with canines. After spending almost 20 years working as an LVT in the vet industry, Bullet found herself in professional grooming. After spending time as a winning competitor, Bullet pursued her real passion, educating the professional grooming industry.

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About this course

Pilot Outline – The Science of Creative Grooming

  • Skin & Coat 101
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Skin physiology - the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.
  • The importance of understanding skin anatomy/physiology
  • Skin & Coat 102
  • Coat Anatomy
  • Coat physiology
  • Working with Fur versus Hair
  • Temporary & Semi-Permanent Color
  • Defining, Identifying and using Temporary Colors
  • Defining, Identifying and using Semi-permanent Dyes
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes
  • Products to Avoid
  • Why Bleach/Lighteners and Oxidizing Dyes should never be used
  • Defining an Oxidizing Dye
  • Options for Dark Coats
  • Popular Requests
  • Animal Prints
  • Corrective Coloring
  • How Less can be More
  • Pricing & Marketing
  • How to price your Creative Services
  • Marketing & Advertising your Creative Services
  • How to Make Your Clients Work for You