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Kim Hallin

Hi, I'm Kim. I'm the author of "Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity" and the owner/founder of Unbridled LLC, a unique equine experiential learning business in Charleston, South Carolina. Through my Ruzuku online classes and membership programs I offer very affordable learning options for students who enjoy self-paced remote learning or who want to supplement their hands-on experiential learning at Unbridled with online materials and support.

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About this course

Horses evolved over millions of years to have perfect visual capabilities for surviving and thriving in their natural habitat: wide open plains, prairies, and steppes. But how well do the horse's visual super-powers equip it (or not) to cope with life in the domestic world? 

This transformational online course provides an in-depth overview, in easy to understand layman's terms, of everything that's currently understood (and also that which is not yet well understood) about equine vision. The content, length and format of the course are perfect for busy trainers, instructors, riders, vet techs, caretakers or anyone else who needs to understand what the world actually looks like through the eyes of the horse!

"There are so many fascinating things about horses that we just don't seem to know enough, if anything, about. Equine vision is certainly one of those things. Kim was able to expand my knowledge on the subject and facilitate a meaningful live video discussion about how vision may affect our interactions with horses. The knowledge and insight in this course are invaluable!" - Anna Fox, Equus Enlightened

What does the course include?

  • A 90-minute recorded Zoom discussion where Kim summarizes her research findings and facilitates a dynamic small group discussion with three other horse professionals about the implications this information will have on their work and their relationships with their horses. 
  • 8 specific lessons with detailed information, downloadable resources and links to outside references.
  • Discussion threads for each lesson where enrolled students can ask questions, share personal experiences, network and interact directly with Kim.
  • Unlimited access to the course through April 30, 2023.

ENROLL TODAY so you can confidently answer the following questions:

  • Do horses see in the same color palette humans do?
  • How well can horses see at night?
  • How much depth perception do horses have?
  • Are horses near sighted or far sighted?
  • Do horses really see and process information separately out of each eye?
  • How does direct sunlight affect equine vision?
  • Is there a way to determine how good an individual horse’s vision is?
  • How much does the horse’s head position affect its vision?
  • Do horses see movement differently than we do?

“I highly recommend Kim Hallin’s course, Through the Eyes of the Horse. Kim presents insightful research that impacted me personally to change the way I work with my horses. Understanding how my horses see is allowing me to 'be' with my horses in ways that support building trust, confidence and becoming a safe place for them on the ground and in the saddle. This course was extremely valuable to me and I believe my horses will appreciate and benefit from my new understanding." - Sandy Corrigan, Transformation Companies LLC

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