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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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About this course

 Sculpting Fairy Faces & Making Glass-Like Eyes

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I'll show you how to make a special head armature and walk you through making two kinds of with glass-like eyes, and one with eyes you can paint.


 Sculpting a Fairy Face

This 4 part series of videos includes about 40 minutes of detailed instruction. You'll learn to make a beautiful face with sexy lips and a great profile. 

Learn to Sculpt Fairy Ears 

For your fairy to look realistic, she needs ears she can show off...then you can give her fun hair-do's without fear of anyone seeing her ears! I'll walk to through the process step by step in this video & photo collection.


Learn to Make Glass-Like Eyes

I'll show you my tried and true method for making beautiful and realistic-looking eyes for your fairy. Look how these eyes bring my doll to life!


I'm also including two bonus booklets that will teach you how to paint eyes on your fairy face, (for the drawn-in eyes). They are Painting Jessica and Painting a Fairy Face, from my Hands, Feet & Painting Tutorials.


#2 For your second bonus, I'm including Great Hair Secrets, so you'll know how to give your fairy face a great head of hair.  





#3 For your third bonus, I'm including Tips for Creating Amazing Eyes. This tips are priceless for beautiful eyes!




The Sculpt a Fairy Face Video Collection  

All videos and booklets can be viewed online or downloaded to your computer.

Videos included are: Sculpt a Fairy Face Parts One and Two, Sculpting Ears, & Making Glass-Like Eyes.

The Bonus Booklets  are PDF files you can download and view on your computer with step by step instructions and photos. Adobe Reader is required to see this booklet (most computers have it already, and I'll give you a link to download this free program as well if needed). 

Booklets included are:

Painting Jessica, Painting a Fairy Face, Great Hair Secrets & Tips for Creating Amazing Eyes.