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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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This Course is Free on Valentines!

Learn a new pose for Miniature Babies!                            Adorable Tummy Pose Sculpting Guide

New PDF Booklet Set with Bonus Sculpting Mini Ears Video AND Feather Wings Instruction Guide!

Learn how to sculpt a tiny baby in this adorable tummy pose. Includes 10 min video file on Sculpting Baby Ears. PDF booklet is 33 pages of detailed instructions on how to sculpt a baby on its tummy without squishing your baby in the process. Bonus Feather Wings Booklet is 13 pages.


This new 33 page PDF booklet is a great companion to Sculpting a Miniature Baby. It is for the intermediate sculptor who already has basic knowledge of sculpting a baby. It shows step by step how to create this sleeping face, and then shows how to assemble the baby in a unique way that keeps her from being squished as you create this complex pose. It does not give complete detail on sculpting hands and feet, and assumes you already know the basics. It does give many reference photos of this sculpture from all angles and in each phase of sculpting to guide you along. This new PDF booklet is viewed on your computer with Adobe Reader (most computers have this program already).  You can print it out and bind it if you desire.

Ear video is an mp4 file that can be viewed in Quicktime on your computer, on iPads, and iPhones/iPods. 

Feather Wings Booklet will show you how to make the adorable white angel wings in the photo below:

If you have never sculpted a mini baby before, I suggest you first watch Sculpting a Miniature Baby, my 3 hour video set that shows every aspect of sculpting a baby (hands, feet, arms, legs, etc).

This sculpting guide does not contain instruction for the grey fimo wings. See my Making Wings Bundle for fimo wing instruction. This Tummy Pose Course teaches the feathered angel wings.