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Susie Johnson

I am a mom to 7, wife, blogger, swim coach, runner, and triathlete with a little bit of a potty mouth who used to be fat, out-of-shape, and depressed. Not anymore! What are your goals? I'll help you achieve them!

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About this course

Do you wish you could fit into that pair of pre-baby jeans? Run a 5K? Keep up with your kids?

Imagine sitting comfortably and confidently at the beach in a bathing suit. Crossing the finish line of that race you've always wanted to run. Shopping for clothes and loving the reflection smiling back at you in the mirror. Having sex with your husband with...the lights on.

But right now you feel stuck. You feel self-conscious. You are disappointed with the fact that you've "let yourself go." You are tired or depressed, or both, and you are resentful and feeling like you are not a priority, and your needs are always last on the list. Mom guilt is constantly sitting on your shoulder. The sight of a camera makes you look for the nearest tree to hide behind.

You've probably tried diets and cleanses without success. You've purchased gym memberships and workout dvd's that you used once or twice, and then lost motivation. You have told yourself, tomorrow I am making a change, or I am going to start exercising on Monday, only to push those days off another week. Or month. Or year.

I have been there, and I get it. I really get it.

Two years ago I was overwieght and out of shape. I was tired and depressed and feeling unattractive. I had seven kids, made no time for myself, rarely showered, and lived in yoga pants and oversized sweatshirts. 

After trying to lose weight and failing,repeatedly, I finally committed.

In January of 2013 I looked like this:                                    


I joined a Biggest Loser type of challenge to help myself stay on track. I lost 25 pounds during that. To keep myself going I registered for, and completed, the NYC Triathlon and Marathon. I lost a total of 40 pounds.

By September 2013, I looked like this:                              


But once all the competitions were over, I gained some of the weight back. 18 pounds, to be exact. So I went back to the drawing board. I made some more changes that were manageable and sustainable. And now, I am back to that after picture.

Before I used to avoid the camera at all costs. And if I couldn't escape it, I'd use whatever I could to shield myself.

But not anymore.

Now I feel just as attractive as the rest of my family.

That's why I created the Not Your Average Fitness Course series.This e-course is meant to help you shift from overweight, unmotivated, depressed, and self-conscious to strong, confident, healthy, and sexy.

In this first course, Not Your Average Fitness Course, Phase 1: Sweat and Glow,  you will:

  • receive daily emails
  • recipe ideas
  • workout videos
  • receive fitness and workout tips
  • have access to a closed Facebook group
  • make exercising a priority in your daily life
  • find workouts that you enjoy (no gym membership or equipment required)
  • develop tools and strategies to keep you motivated and on track
  • learn to ask for help when you need it
  • receive support, feedback, and accountability
  • have the opportunity to participate in challenges
  • be encouraged to move out of your comfort zone
  • learn about different types of exercise and workouts
  • schedule one, 30 minute one-on-one personal coaching call with me

Here is what to expect:

Each morning you will be greeted with an email containing a good morning message from me. You will have a manageable workout goal for the week. You will meet women from other states and maybe even countries, develop a support system, and make friends. You will be surrounded by people who totally get it and will discover you are capable of much more than you ever imagined. You will see yourself in a whole new light, surprise yourself, and set an example for your children. And you will put yourself back on the list of priorities, finally begin to take care of yourself again, and realize that you deserve it.

You Can Do It!

I have made it easy for you! You will not have to come up with your own workouts or support system; I have created that for you! I have come up with a plan for you, one that works around the chaos of your everyday life and the needs of your children, your job, your spouse, and all the other things that go along with being a busy mom. 


Looking for feedback from past participants? Read below, and then register today!


Today makes six full weeks since we started the online fitness course. My goal for this experience from the beginning has been increased fitness and health with weight loss as an added bonus. My body is craving exercise, I am eating less and more of what I eat is really good food. I have muscle definition in my arms and legs that I have not seen in a long, long time. Weighed myself this morning...I have lost eighteen pounds. Eight. Teen. Pounds. In six weeks.

~ Helene, Michigan


I had given up. Given up on myself, the way I look, my health, my inner athlete. Using every excuse in the book for why I couldn't workout and eat right.  3 kids, busy schedules, traveling husband, no help,  exhaustion, etc.  Trying for a week, a month, and always giving up.  UNTIL a mom (to 7 children) blogger starts getting fit...and keeping track of it. Showing before and after pictures, and using quotes like, "I am tired of being sick and tired", and "if you have time to Facebook, you have time to workout" and "no more excuses".  Wow, THAT is me, I thought. So,  I spent 25$, signed up for her e-course and thought, if SHE can do it....why can't I?  I did not step on a scale, I just started doing what  she told me to do. Starting out SMALL at 35 mins a day, and now 7 weeks later I am going BIG...wanting to workout everyday, sometimes twice, running a 5k, squeaking workouts in between picking up kids, scheduling my day around them, eating well, sleeping better, getting STRONGer, and losing weight.   The community  of women with the same goals really helps keep you motivated. The daily emails and personal feedback from Susie is key.   It IS working...And I am feeling like a rock star:)  

 ~ Kristin, Pennsylvania


This course has shown me to be accountable, gave me confidence and introduced me to a new me. I didn't think I was capable of what I have achieved during this challenge and for that I am forever grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a great day when I decided to sign on. In fact, would love to do it again!

~ Maureen, Connecticut