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Donna Druchunas

Donna Druchunas is the author of such diverse knitting books as Arctic Lace and Lithuanian Knitting: Continuing Traditions. Her book series, Stories in Stitches, features historical patterns and essays. Donna gives talks and teaches knitting workshops in the North America, Europe, and on, and she writes and designs regularly for Piecework magazine.

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Ever since I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron--before I had my own business or started life as a freelancer--I have taken the last five weeks of the year to renew my energy and plan my next year.

This is my way of rebelling against the anxiety and stress of the holidays and against the Puritan work ethic that tells us  "idle hands are the devil's workshop" and makes us believe if we're not busy all the time, then we are lazy and we will end up broke, homeless, and unloved. "Poppycock" is what I have to say to that!

I'd like to invite you to join me to break the cycle of anxiety and busyness and experience your own year-end renewal. Live with peace in the season that we should spend relaxed, cocooning in a warm blanket.

Each Sunday, we will have a reading and mediation to start the week off, then we will work through an exercise each day to help us work through the week's lesson material. All this should take about 15 or 20 minutes per day, and at the end of the week, you'll get a day off! 

  • Week 1: Review and Celebrate. Record this year's accomplishments and celebrate your successes.
  • Week 2: Evaluate and Identify. Determine which activities and projects energized you most, and which drained you most.
  • Week 3: Begin, Continue, End. What will you stop doing? What will you continue? What new things will you begin?
  • Week 4: Plan. What will your new year look like? Create your calendar and budget.
  • Week 5: Commit and Begin. Make an action plan for starting your new year on the right foot! And quarterly plans to carry you through the year.

If any class day falls on a holiday, skip it and don't even think about feeling guilty. Reschedule the day's task for the scheduled "off day" that week or--gasp!--skip it entirely!

The holidays don't have to kill you and sap all of your energy and joy, and neither does your business. You started your business to have fun, be free, and make money. You dn't have to sacrifice any of these goals.

Make a living and a life that you love.