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Laura Volpintesta, Fashion Illustration Tribe

I want DRAW you out of your shell so you can flow and shine freely in Fashion Art and Design! All of the ideas held in your head....I'm here to share the tools, to bring them out onto paper, in an encouraging environment that meets you at your pace. I want you to feel safe to create, growing into your confidence in a playful, curious way, what I'm teaching learning in my classes at Parsons since 1997 . This is where you can discover the MAGIC that lives in your hands, your mind, and your heart when they work together. Where what you feel, think, know and are curious about l as you leads as you develop your unique style / voice to share with the world and explore what's within you.

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About this course

I used to call this course "Everything but the Girl".

You'll find out why when you work through this course!


it's something we see and use in design, but it's also something we use in DRAWING from observation- (drawing what we see)

This mini course /workshop will take you into seeing and moving  in a whole new way.

While this video here is about negative shape in design,...

the course will take you through exercises in using negative shape to draw more freely and accurately. NO previous experience is required, and yet if you do have experience, this exercise is ALWAYS refreshing and revitalizing for your drawing practice.

Welcome to the Tribe where fashion is how YOU SEE IT!

Where fashion is a journey into your own self discovery and experience of more love, more life, more color, more creative flow and inspiration.

I'M SO HAPPY to meet you!

You'll see that there are discussion areas after each lesson 

where you can ask questions, 

post links, photos of your work, 

or respond to other students' posts. 

 This short course will give you a little taste of some of what's to come in my online courses through a 5 video package.

While it's a not a total beginner exercise (but you can do it!) , it jumps in to some of the deeper aspects of fashion illustraiton and art study.

It has two purposes that really contrast:

1.  "Negative shape" drawing exercises 

help you GIVE UP the kind of control that you 

usually try to have when you are drawing,  (THIS IS A GOOOOOD THING!)

while waking you up to another kind of control 

that you can get from a new kind of seeing.

And the more you practice this, the more you'll LOVE it!

2.  "Plumblines" and "proportion" are other concepts that will come into the mix to expand the way you think about drawing and welcome you to my world :0)!!!!

These techniques should increase your creative point of view and your ability to be accurate at the same time. 

Sounds good?

You can also participate by sharing your work and commenting in the growing group, if you choose.

I hope you'll play along! 

Enjoy the videos and thanks for coming!

lots of LOVE,

Laura Volpintesta, founder,  Fashion IllustrationTRIBE

Author, the Language of Fashion Design: 26 principles every designer should know.

Fashion Faculty, BFA and AAS degree programs, Parsons the New School for Design since 1997

2008 creator of Parsons' first fully online fashion design degree studio course.

Creator of FREEDOM FASHION Soulful Fashion Foundation Immersion.