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Alicja Aratyn

Alicja Aratyn is a Chemist and Master in Environmental Engineering from Poland. She’s also a Reverend with CIMM and carries the Doctorate of Metaphysics. Alicja is a gifted healer, who sees people's energy and removes disturbances from past lives, entities and extraterrestrials. She helps people from many walks of life to bring positive changes and desired effects. Alicja's meta-physical training is based on the Old European School of Radiesthesia and Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations and Sacred Geometry. Alicja lectures and teaches around the world and is known for turning strictly scientific knowledge into delightful, comprehensive and practical use. She systemized and re-structured the old teaching systems, and created a unique system "Science of Dowsing." According to Alicja, dowsing is the best example of direct application of Sacred Geometry, which helps improve health conditions, quality of live performance, relationship status and the calibre of prosperity.

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About this course

Often we need to help others who are far away. Remote Dowsing comes in handy then. In this course, you will learn how to influence people's health, life performance and more by using a specific type of pendulum called Witness Chamber Pendulums. Those pendulums have an opening inside, called Witness Chamber, where we can place a particular remedy to balance health or other aspects of life. We also need a sample of a person we work with to establish the connection. Our work may be fast, simple and effective if we know specific rules and procedures governing this fascinating field of dowsing called "Remote Dowsing" or "Teleradiesthesia". Join us for the classes opening your eyes to a new perspective, a wider understanding of life and effective dowsing work!

Running time: 1h 50 minutes