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The Creative Grief Studio Team

Courses are brought to you by the Creative Grief Studio in partnership with our Teaching Team and/or other guest faculty. To learn more about our work, please see and/or bio links for team/guest faculty partners.

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About this course

This SHORT COURSE version of the Creative Grief Support Certification Program is meant to be an in-depth preview of the full certification course, including multiple samples of theory content, experientials, video demonstrations and more. You will see a preview of every module of the full 4-month course, but your access via this SHORT COURSE gives you access to only one or two activities per module. We hope this gives you a more full picture of what you'll be experiencing if you should apply to do the full program whether on the Content Only track or for Certification.  Please note that this preview version of the course is 100% self-directed and self-paced. You'll get access to the full 16 week Preview upon registration, and then you can take your time, on your own schedule and pace, to explore the materials shared.

The materials in both this SHORT COURSE and in the full course draw on the latest grief and resilience research with a focus on conversational creativity and heART-making tools that helping professionals can use to assist clients in meaning making and wholehearted living after loss experiences.

While the Full Certification Course is facilitated by a co-teaching team made up of the founders, certified alumni, and guest faculty with live weekly webinars and  a fully moderated classroom with reflection space, this SHORT COURSE is on-demand and self-directed.

The full program is by application only and details about that can be found on our public website at: Please note that your registration fee here for the SHORT COURSE can be applied as a credit to the full course tuition should you decide to join us there.