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Nancy Shanteau

Nancy Shanteau (she/her) is the lineage bearer for Skills for Change Coaching. She is a Master Somatic Coach and the founder of the Folkloom School, the home of the Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program. A settler who lives and works in Nevada County, CA, unceded Nisenan land, Nancy practices Relationship Anarchy and Solo Polyamory, identifies as pansexual and aromantic, and is a white multi-ethnic, non-binary woman. Dedicated to radical, empowering education, Nancy has been teaching and coaching since 2004. “I believe people need safety and a feeling of connection and love in order to change. In a good teaching relationship, the teacher becomes engaged in your dream, and provides support, strength and vision to help you achieve it.”

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About this course

Are you longing for the deep meaningful connections that will allow you to feel supported as you’re navigating life’s sometimes apocalyptic challenges?

Do you sometimes feel that you rarely receive the loving attention and energy you offer to others?

Do you dream of knowing “how” you can re-shuffle the deck and redirect your energy to create beautiful connections based on trust, that are reciprocal and fun?

Would you like a mentor to give you personalized feedback on the areas where you’re struggling?

I get it, I hear you! And I believe you have everything you need to enjoy flourishing relationships that are energizing instead of draining.

Let me show you how in my free 5-day mini-course!

Just five years ago, I too felt stuck. I was lonely and sometimes it seemed like life was happening to everyone else and leaving me behind. I had a few close relationships, but not the love, intimacy, sex and connection I craved. Even though I knew better, I would find myself saying, "What's *wrong* with me?"

Then I started partner dancing and everything started to change. I met wonderful people, and my life started filling up with fun, connection, sexiness and community. I remember one day I attended a summer outdoor dance party at a waterfall. "This is what everyone thinks it's like in California!" I joked with my friend.

I knew that while dancing I would start meeting people who wanted more, and one of the relationships would click. But I didn't want to ride the same old love rollercoaster. I wanted a high quality relationship that would grow with me. I didn't want to be chosen, I wanted to *choose*.

My coach said, "Is there anyone *you* want to relate with?" I thought about it and knew -- yes, there was! I agonized a bit over it, and finally asked for their phone number and invited them to hang out.

The person I chose said yes! And I started a journey that changed my life and shifted how I think about myself, relationships, and how I do anything and everything. 

Now five years later, I experience more love, connection, support, fun and sex in a week than I was experiencing previously in a whole year. It's possible to completely transform your life, to choose the activities you want to enjoy, and especially to be surrounded with people who inspire you.

I believe that this is possible for you too.

I've designed this free 5-day mini course to help you start your path of relationship transformation. 

I'm excited to introduce the…

“Design Your Circle of Trust: Free 5-Day Mini Course” where you will get the chance to:

  • Redefine what trust means to you and determine which of your current relationships are rooted in trust, so that you effortlessly claim back energy invested in relationships that are not rooted in trust. 
  • Explore your current connections, including your relationship with self, community, nature, and life itself so that you can open to the experience of spaciousness, contentment, satisfaction and love that is available to you in every moment.
  • Consider the activities of life and who you want to share them with so that you can do more of the things you want with greater ease and joy. 
  • Practice changing your beliefs about yourself and relationships so you can reach out to connect with the people who interest you, and find them reaching out to you in return.

For example, when I thought there was something wrong with me, I was waiting for someone to tell me that I was the missing puzzle piece in their life. 

I was asking the wrong question, and getting the wrong answer as a result. When I shifted the question around, and asked myself what I wanted, I already knew the answer. 

Now, when I want to connect with someone, they don't always say yes. Yet that's not a problem, because I know what I want, and am finding my own puzzle pieces. (People aren't puzzle pieces by the way. That's another mindset shift that makes a big difference!)

I'm not trying to fit myself into someone else's vision for their life anymore. I'm creating my vision for my own life. And it makes a huge difference in what I do and how people respond. My yeses are connecting to yeses in other people. And the more I ask, the more yeses I hear.

I've created this workshop to help you take the first steps toward a life filled with experiences you want, shared with people you love and trust.

Trust allows us to share fearlessly our authentic experience. Trust makes adventure and fun possible. Trust forms the foundation of every great project, accomplishment, and is at the heart of every thriving community.

Click the button at the top of the page to register and join a growing group of people who are building their lives around meaningful relationships filled with love, connection, reciprocity, and trust.

And, if you enroll by Sunday, October 18, I will send you my free Trust Repair Guidebook as a thank you gift.

Let's get started!