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Moy Mackay

Award winning artist and published author, Glasgow School of Art graduate Moy Mackay’s ‘felt paintings’ are a pioneering development in the ancient craft of felting. Using merino fibres in the same way a painter uses brushstrokes, each vibrant, vivid piece achieves a depth of warmth and texture that paint alone cannot replicate. By manipulating fibres in this way Moy has successfully bridged the gap between craft and fine art, with her acclaimed works exhibited in many galleries and private collections worldwide. Following the success of her best selling books her unique and innovative art form has attracted world wide interest. She is regarded as the world leader in her field. In 2016 was a shortlisted contestant in Sky Arts ‘Landscape Artist of the Year’. “Moy’s passionate use of colour and deep texture created by felting are what draw me to her work. I also like the way she concentrates on her surroundings for her subject matter - her work is very free.” Kaffe Fassett

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About this course

In this 6  week course Moy will guide you through all aspects of how to create your own unique felted paintings in a relaxed and fun way. Starting with gathering inspiration by means of taking photos, keeping visual diaries, colour swatches and sketches or taking notes to building a base and using carders for colour blending. Each lesson introduces different methods and techniques to help you work through all areas of landscape paintings to the wet felting process. You will learn how to add shading, refinement and fine detail using needle felting. Free motion machine embroidery will be demonstrated along with how to set up your machine. Moy will demonstrate  embellishing using both free motion machine and hand stitching.  Each lesson includes a variety of videos with Moy demonstrating different parts of her process in easy to follow steps. Written instructions along with downloadable pdf's are also included.  The aim of this course is to enable students to experiment with a variety of techniques they have learned along the way. With 1 week between each lesson it is hoped this time will be used to develop and refine the various techniques between each. The aim is for every student  to start to discover and develop  their own personal style.  Every Monday  webinars are offered to keep you on track and provide extra encouragement and advice along the way. This is an excellent opportunity to touch base with Moy and share examples of work for her to critique and discuss with the group. Moy's webinars have been a very popular and helpful addition to her online courses along with a great way to get to know fellow students. 

There are also material and tool kits available if required: