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Donna Durbin

Donna is a world traveler, Certified American Accent Coach, entrepreneur, online course creator, University professor and professional artist. Her passion is to transform lives by teaching accent reduction and American English pronunciation to non-native English speakers. Ms. Durbin's practical, step by step, method produces results to speak English clearly and effectively, so you are understood in all conversations. Your voice and talents are needed in the world. I want every person to reach their highest potential. I want your English communication to match your technical skills. Express yourself in personal and professional conversations that are mutually respectful, comprehensible, compassionate and successful. Creative collaboration that combines diverse perspectives, view points, experiences and understanding produces a vibrant global economy. Join me. email: 713-893-7363

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About this course

ABC's of an American Accent 

January, 2021

with Donna Durbin, Clear English Coach

 After years of studying English grammar, reading and writing,  do you get frustrated when people still can't understand you? Do you have to repeat yourself more than once a day? 

Is your level of English intermediate to advanced?  Would speaking English confidently provide more job opportunities, money and respect?  If the answer is YES and you're serious, this course is for you.  I will guide you through the pronunciation puzzle of speaking English by helping you fit together the pieces to build mastery in American articulation and intonation. You can speak American English clearly.  Schedule your interview today.  Increase your fluency and speak clearly so people can understand you.

Do you have any of these problems ??

  • Repeating yourself during conversations
  • Repeating your name and address several times on the phone
  • Being worried or insecure that you are saying words correctly
  • Not speaking up during meetings because people don't listen to you
  • Having co-workers with fewer skills promoted over you because of your accent
  • Your ideas for project ideas being awarded to an English speaker
  • Clients request someone else for customer service help, instead of you
  • You feel embarrassed or shy when you communicate in English
  • Not being able to say "TH, V, W, L and R"
  • Having difficulty expressing and explaining your ideas to others
  • Afraid to start a conversation or interact with strangers

Your problems have solutions.  This course teaches you the basic fundamental speaking skills, you did NOT learn in school

 Speaking is an unconscious habit. You will learn to identify what problems you need to correct and how to correct them to sound more American and speak English clearly. The techniques I provide will begin to reprogram your brain and muscles to coordinate together to establish a new speaking  habit. 

I pre-qualify each student before enrolling in the course, to hear you speak and see if this course is right for you.

Please Schedule your 20 min. Interview Zoom Call Here to qualify, ask questions and ENROLL. 

How the online course works:

  • Video lessons arrive in your inbox weekly to study, practice and repeat at your convenience 24 hours a day, life time access.
  • 2 Live interactive Zoom meetings  each week- for review, Q&A and real time coaching, feedback and ongoing support. Webinars are available for replay  
  • Over 64 video lessons (2-15 minutes long) provide instruction, activities, practice exercises and assigned audio recordings to learn new speaking techniques 
  • Personalized Feedback of your assigned audio recordings to identify the differences between your speaking habits and speaking English
  • Conscious Self-correction exercises and Accountability  Check-ins for consistency and progress to change your accent.
  • Add Your Dedicated Intentional Practice of 30-45 minutes each day to retrain your brain and build muscle memory to maintain your new American Accent
  • Join the Course Community- for feedback, questions, reach out for practice partners, listening feedback, accountability, motivation and encouragement

Monthly BONUS: 1st Monday of the Month Coaching Call on Zoom, 7-8:00 p.m. CST. Ongoing tips, review with Q&A and lively open conversation about English.  Ongoing live coaching calls each week for you to master your American Accent. 

Read below for the Benefits and Skills taught

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  • Your self-confidence grows
  • You fit in to the American culture more comfortably
  • People understand you when you speak
  • Job performance ratings go up
  • You gain respect and credibility
  • Expressing yourself comes naturally in team & customer interactions
  • Personal and Professional Conversations are clearly understood
  • Presentations are effective, powerful and persuasive 
  • Your career opportunities advance into leadership roles
  • Interviewing is easy and natural with less stress
  • You make more money

This course teaches you the basic fundamental speaking skills, you did NOT learn in school.  Speaking is an unconscious habit. You will identify what to correct to sound more American.  Using these techniques will reprogram your brain to establish a new speaking  habit.


  • Mouth and tongue exercises to strengthen your muscles to speak English fluently 
  • Correct placement of your tongue, mouth and lips for American English alphabet
  • The Consonant Families - identify language differences
  • Why Voiced and Unvoiced Consonant are so important
  • The Six Important Sounds of the American Accent
  • SCHWA - The most used sound in English.
  • Using Minimal Pair exercises and repetition to retrain your brain and muscles
  • 8 Note Scale for Intonation and Pitch Change
  • Stress: Which Syllables and Words are stressed for emphasis and unstressed for grammar
  • The Intonation Patterns of American English for fluency
  • How to mark sentences for Intonation, Stress, Pauses Rhythm
  • The three rules for pronouncing the past tense "ed" 
  • The three rules for pronouncing /S/ as /Z/ 
  • and more....

Let me be your guide to overcoming any barriers you have with spoken English. Being bilingual is a benefit. Use it to your advantage and gain a competitive edge in the Global Work Force. Fulfill your dreams. Your voice and talents are needed in the world. I want you to succeed.

I look forward to working with you.



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