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Sharon Payne Bolton

Sharon is a world renowned mixed media artist and instructor. She has two art studios where she works and holds reatreats. One is located in Ketchum, Idaho and the other is in the South of France. She served as a Core Art Educator for "Art is You" Mixed Media Art Retreats and she has shared her teaching with students in the US, Australia and France. Sharon is now scheduling her retreats again in Ketchum and also in France. Sharon has decided to offer her sought after courses online so she can continue to inspire students to engage with their creativity. Sharon has shown her work at art fairs and galleries in Idaho and California, winning “Best Booth” at the Ketchum Art Festival in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2010, and “Best of Show” at the Mill Valley, CA Arts Festival in 2016.

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About this course

Course Now Open !

Inside the Box 

An Online Course

with Sharon Payne Bolton

In this self-paced course, you will create your very own Artist Box using book board and paper.  Sharon's hope for this course is that you can overcome the concerns you may have about perfectionism and being intimidated about measuring.   (box measures approximately 4" x 3")  Sharon has designed this course so that you don't have to worry about precision, she has pre-done that for you.  You also don’t need to worry about whether the box is perfectly square or whether the paper is precisely lined up.  She has designed this course so that you don’t need use a ruler to create your box.  You will be creating a vessel and it does not have to be perfect.  In allowing this vessel to form whichever way the paper or boards come together, this box will become what it is meant to be.  Sharon doesn't  just want to show you how to make this Artist’s Box, she wants to spark your creativity by teaching you some new techniques and giving you the opportunity to exercise your own strengths.  In addition to creating your Artist Box, this course includes mold making, quick curing resin and use of Apoxie Sculpt Clay.

All patterns are "lifetime" available as a download and pre-cut book board parts  can also be found in Sharon's online shop.  

Cost is $55 USD

Unlimited access to the course

Sharon recommends her Starter Kit to launch you into box making journey.

The Starter Kit includes:

  • A copy of Inside the Box companion instruction booklet by Sharon Payne Bolton

  • Pre-cut book board for your box

  • Pre-cut patterns for the paper that will cover your box

  • The  handy dandy  Protector of the Pages (non stick, space saving and drying book invented by Sharon and is extremely helpful for this course)

The price of the Starter Kit is $30 plus shipping

Starter Kit  without Protector of the Pages is also available for $25 plus shipping if you already have your Protector of the Pages!

Please note that you register for this Course by using the link below and then you can find the Starter Kit by clicking here.

Techniques included in this self-paced online course will be:

  • Creating your Artist Box 

  • Making molds 

  • Using fast acting resin to create objects for Inside or Outside the Box

  • Using  Apoxie Sculpt Clay to adhere and embed objects

  • Installing  plexiglass over your installation Inside the Box

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