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Patti Barker

As a fiber artist and teacher I have a fascination of wearable art for the stage. I love exploring rich color and texture combinations, and employ a variety of techniques to create my work. Nuno felting, hand-dyeing, needle felting and bead embroidery all compliment the tactile and visual narratives of each piece of my art. I am continually intrigued with the ability wearable art has to transform its wearer. I consider myself a happy human, doing my best to find joy and share it. Living in Central Florida with my husband and our dog buddy are part of that joy. Fiber art is the other. I've been felt-making full time since 2010 and have won a few awards for wearable art. In 2017 I graduated from Western Washington University with a B.A. in Studio Art. It wasn't easy at my age, but it was a lot of fun! To see more of my work, visit

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About this course

This A-line art vest is very versatile in that there are several design options.  Makers will learn multiple techniques, while creating a beautiful piece of wearable art.   You'll come away with an art vest, possibly reversible, of your own design.

Once you register, you will be mailed a kit of materials. You will also be asked what general colors you wish to work in, i.e. cool, warm or neutrals. You're welcome to use any natural materials not included in your kits, but only those in the kit are guaranteed to felt together. They include the materials you will need--luscious silks, fine merino wool, and a host of embellishments. 

This vest is created flat, so it does require a large work surface. I use two 6' folding tables, side by side. Additional things you will need: a rolling kit (5'x 8' rubber rug mat & a pool noodle with three T-shirt strip or stocking ties); a piece of painters plastic drop cloth .47 mil that measures at least 5'x 8'; one gallon garden sprayer with soapy water, or a ball brasier in a bucket for wetting; a pair of sharp, full-sized scissors; a dress maker's measuring tape; at least two old towels you don't mind staining (you never know); finally, you'll need paper and pen for design planning

Course starts on January 23, you will receive email reminders after you register.