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Apryl Jensen

Artist, Writer, and Sculptor from Utah

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About this course

 Tails & Torsos Video Collection

This set is perfect for those who can sculpt a fairy or just a head and want to learn to give their dolls an amazing torso, or even turn her into a mermaid by adding a tail. Watch Preview Video Here on YouTube for more details.

Learn to Sculpt an Amazing Torso with these high-quality HD videos!


I'll show you how to begin with just a head on an armature and give her a beautiful torso.

The Torso Section

This 3 part series of videos includes over 35 minutes of detailed instruction. Learn to sculpt beautiful, realistic breasts, nipple, and a sexy back and tummy.

The Tails Section

I'll show you how I began with this head on an armature and take your through the steps I used to create Eloris, a beautiful mermaid.

With this four part series, you'll watch me create another torso and show you secrets to a sexy abdomen...a must for a sexy mermaid!

With over 37 minutes of High Definition video, you'll watch me take this humble beginning of a mermaid tail, and turn it into a work of art.

I'll share with you the secrets of creating life-like scales and what I use to get a wet-look tail.

I'll show you how to make a beautiful tail fin, and include a pattern so you can follow along easily

I'm also including a bonus PDF (digital) booklet, teaching you how to create a base for your mermaid, keep her attached to it, and how to make it the correct size for your doll. Would you like to use that beautiful Manzanita wood, but find it's too small for your mermaid or fairy? I'll show you how to customize it to the perfect fit!

The Bonus Booklet is a PDF file with step by step instructions and photos on creating a custom base for your doll.