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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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About this course


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This set contains over 275 pages of pictures and detailed instructions showing just how I sculpted Gabriel--pictured below.  These are PDF booklets you view online or download to your computer.

Includes a Video with tips on Sculpting the Male Hand

  • Learn to Sculpt a Standing Fae with a Hidden Stand
  • How to Make a Dreamy Male Face
  • How to Apply & Style Hair
  • How to Sculpt a Muscular Body
  • BONUS: How to Make a Feathered Set of Wings
  • And so much more! Scroll down for a SNEAK PEAK at the Booklets!

  • P.S..--This takes you through the entire sculpt from beginning to end.  Many of these techniques can be adapted to the FEMALE sculpt as well. 
  • The booklets show how I sculpted Gabriel. He is not included in with these booklets. =).



    Details and Sneak Peek at these 16 Booklets:

    Booklet #1
    8 PAGES of Photos and Lists of Basic supplies, including purchase locations, where possible

    Booklet #2
    16 PAGES on Making Armatures. Learn how the right amature simplifies your sculpting drastically!

    Booklet #3
    11 PAGES on Getting Started. I'll walk you through my clay layering process for minimizing moonies!

    Booklet #4
    31 PAGES to walk you through the intricate process of Sculpting the Male Face. Full of photos and instructions.

    Booklet #5
    14 PAGES on Sculpting the Ears. This booklet guides you step by step through the process with detailed instructions.

    Booklet #6
    26 PAGES on Sculpting a Muscular Back and Torso. Full of Photos and detail.

    Booklet #7
    In these 18 PAGES on Sculpting the Legs, Part One, I'll show you how I sculpted Gabriel's legs, as well as include several photos from the actual model I used in the sculpting process--a mini Reference Library just for you!

    Booklet #8
    In these 13 PAGES, Sculpting the Legs and Buttocks, I'll show you how I finished the legs and gave him a great back side. Please note--This booket is rated PG--meaning, think "Ken Doll" in the lower area. I'm leaving how you want to detail that part up to you. =)

    Booklet #9
    Painting the Face-Sanding the Body--In these 18 PAGES, I'll show you how I gave Gabriel his dreamy face and how I get such a smooth surface to his body.

    Booklet #10
    In these 19 PAGES, Sculpting the Feet, I'll walk you step by step through the process of making life-like feet.

    Booklet #11
    18 PAGES on Sculpting the Male Hand with Instructional Text. Learn how to make your male's hands look "manly"!

    Booklet #12
    In these 15 PAGES, I'll show you how I Sculpted Gabriel's Arms and Hands, photo by photo.

    Booklet #13
    In these 17 PAGES, I continue the photo gallery of Sculpting the Hands--Part 2.

    Booklet #14
    In these 22 PAGES, I'll walk you through the process of Wigging--giving Gabriel his great mane, as well as Accenting the Body, to really show those rippled muscles.

    Booklet #15 --BONUS--
    In these 23 PAGES, I'll show you how I made Gabriel's Feathered Wings, made his Costume, and finished up his base.

    Booklet #16 --BONUS--
    In these 11 PAGES, I'll show you the way I mix my clay, for a mix that has been my tried and true for years.

    "Sculpting the Male Fairy" is a huge digital book of Fairy Making. It includes ALL 16 of the booklets mentioned above. This is an incredible value--you will love the things these booklets teach you!

    Over a 275 pages of vivid photos and careful instruction!

    These booklets  are PDF files you can read in Adobe Reader (a free program most computers already have). 16 Files, about 58 MB total. With this eCourse you can simply view them online as well.