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Pw 6a

Paul Weston

​Acclaimed leadership development professional and creator of the Distraction Freedom program, Paul Weston is passionate about quality of life: professional, social and personal. He has been a mentor, coach and workshop facilitator in many diverse learning environments worldwide. After retiring from a 26-year career as a Royal Marines officer in Britain, he moved to the arena of the North American corporate world and coached executives and teams through the Crestcom International global leadership development program, as well as through his own companies, Tempo1 Solutions and AJC. Paul is a 5-time Ironman Triathlete and International Duathlete. He is also a passionate volunteer fundraiser for various charities and has chaired a number of Not-For-Profit Boards of Directors.

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About this course

Welcome to a journey into mindfulness! In this program, we will take a deep dive into several aspects of mindfulness and suggest many exercises for you to integrate this practice into your daily life. 

In doing so, you’ll learn to reduce worrying and anxiety, enjoy life more, and (we hope!) sleep better as a result.


Week One - About mindfulness

Week Two - Acceptance

Week Three - Returning to the moment

Week Four - Integrating mindfulness into my life

Week Five - Conclusion: How best to move forward


  • Each weekday for 4 weeks, we’ll share information, tips exercises, and opportunities to learn these practices. 
  • On the weekends, we will invite you to reflect on what you learned during the week and discover which ideas and exercises resonated most for you.