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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll

Over 4 1/2 hours worth of professional video instruction! Learn to sculpt your own Ball-Jointed Doll from Polymer Clay.


 Tasha is around 10-3/4 inches. She is wearing a wig, and I'll teach you how to make one for your doll as well. You can make several, and change her look around.

Ball-Jointed Dolls simplify the sculpting process, enabling you to focus on just one aspect of the body at a time. They are fun and unique and have a more life-like feel, as they can be posed in many positions.

This tutorial teaches double-ball joints to achieve more life-like poses. She can kneel completely. =)  She is strung together with elastic...I'll show you just how to do this as well!