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Kerry Ingram

I'm help postpartum caregivers create parent & baby groups rooted in connection, resilience and acknowledgement in their community. I am inspired by the relationships in my life, mother nature, my son and possibility. I am enthusiastic about building community and change-making, especially in the realm of early parenting. Weaving the wisdom from my LifeWays training, Waldorf teacher training and Innate Traditions postpartum doula training sparked my offering of Community Supported Postpartum. You can find me most often outdoors hiking, camping, gardening, and eating delicious food with family and friends.

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About this course



...a class of parents and babies in your community, being cared for and appreciated by others. 

...cultivating each parent's unique art of nurturing, enriching their family culture. 

...creating a network of support and friendship in a group of peers. 

...drawing strength and connecting with community elders.

...building a web of contacts to help you and your family feel resourced from your community. 

...a group that reflects the unique needs, culture and spirit of your neighborhood.

... making visible the often invisible journey of the postpartum year.

...all this happening in the midst of a joyful gathering with the babies.

This Community Supported Postpartum. 

If you have found your way here, you know the value of feeling supported and resourced in the first year of parenting.  and you want to be part of writing the new narrative of the postpartum year, but maybe you don't know how to you can help. Perhaps you are a doula, a midwife or an early childhood educator and you are looking for a way to continue serving the families in your care. Maybe you are naturally community-minded and having been a parent you want to find a way to give back to the new families in your town. If you have been yearning to offer more heart to heart support for parents in the postpartum year, but you don't want to re-invent the wheel, this course is for you. 

 In this thoughtful course you will learn how to create a multi-generational parent and baby classes in your own community. Our step-by step approach and online training offer the tools you'll need as you create a local gathering that builds a sustainable supportive community for families. Over 150 participants from all over the world and are offering a nurturing experience that reflects the individuality of their community.  The community supported postpartum course weaves a tapestry of collective wisdom of parents, babies, local postpartum professionals and elders in a playful and warm gathering.

This is me, Kerry. The postpartum year is one of the most challenging times of life for parents, and often the time when we feel most alone and isolated. I am fundamentally devoted to uplifting the postpartum journey by sharing a successful and sustainable way for people to create a supportive community. 

Throughout my life, I have followed this golden thread of nurturing the well-being of families through my education, experience and real life skills. I have assembled a Mary Poppins-like bag of resources to help you get started with your own group and feel sustained and inspired to keep going.

How I got here:

  • Mother
  • Foster Parent
  • Trained Waldorf Early Educator
  • LifeWays North America Certification
  • I mentor students in the LifeWays training
  • Former Vice President, Board of Trustees for LWNA
  • Maternal Mental Health Certification through Postpartum Support International
  • Trained in Trauma Informed Parenting through foster parent education classes
  • Postpartum Doula (DONA)
  • StillBirthday  Bereavement Doula (certification pending)
  • Innate Traditions Postpartum Doula Certification 
  • Completed countless classes, workshops, online courses and books supporting the health and well-being of parents and families

All of this means that you are receiving the benefits of 20 years of education, curriculum development, experience and my unique way of weaving all of this together. I am inspired by studying sustainable practices through cultural anthropology, staying up to date on the latest brain research and epigenetics. 

What you'll walk away with is a step by step plan of how to create and sustain a nurturing gathering for parents and babies in the postpartum year. You will have a printable handbook with all you need from outreach to supplies to songs and games to share with your group and everything in between. 

The best part about this course is that you make it your own. This is not a franchise and nobody will be looking over your shoulder after you complete the course. You have complete sovereignty to create an in person group that speaks to the voice of your community and highlights your gifts as a facilitator (fun fact: the word facilitator means "one who makes easy").

This course is for anyone who knows the value of feeling supported in the postpartum year and is ready to inspire a community of friendship and nurturing for parents and babies.  Doulas, Midwives, Educators and Parents...this course has all the details, practical bits that make it easy for you to get started.

The online course and handbook include:

  • Thoughtful and relevant articles on postpartum practices.
  • Practical and clear steps on how to start a group in your community.
  • Songs and games that build connection for parents and babies.
  • Nourishing recipes, teas and shareable resources for the tender postpartum year.
  • An invitation-only online support for group leaders to share valuable information.
  • Templates for community outreach and promotion.
  • Examples of over 100 classes from past participants, a wealth of knowledge!
  • The collective wisdom of the entire group and their own favorite resources and life experience.
  • Links to supplies, articles,  recipes, games, handwork projects and printable journal pages to get you started
  • Listing on our website so local parents can find your group.
  • Online support from the curriculum creator, Kerry Ingram. during entire course . 


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