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Skillful Teaching Online

Skillful Teaching Online is powerful and intuitive platform that supports all aspects of your teaching including those that impact your passion and purpose. Join founder Chantill Lopez and explore cutting edge technical, repertoire-based, and personal/professional development workshops that will inspire and propel you toward more fulfilling work. Be a part of an international community of like-minded teachers searching for greater meaning and clarity in their teaching and blow the top off of your potential.

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About this Course

If you are among the many, many Pilates teachers who left your teacher training feeling less than qualified -- let alone comfortable -- putting your hands on your students, you ABSOLUTELY need this course. For many of us, it's not just a matter of comfort, but primarily a matter of skill. No one really taught us how, when, and most importantly WHY, to touch. 

Co-created by myself, Chantill Lopez, and my fellow master teachers Mercy Sidbury and Anne Bishop, the Manual Cueing Series is a unique education tool specifically for Pilates teachers. We dive more deeply than any other program into Scope of Practice and the intention behind applying touch to teaching. 

In this series you will learn a framework for analyzing and applying touch in a variety of situations using:

  • your own hands,
  • students using their own hands, and
  • using props.

You will also discover the subtle yet powerful effects of different kinds of touch -- on different pieces of equipment as well as on the mat - and when and WHY you might use them.

These are very practical manual cueing tools that range from fundamental to intermediate application. You will be able to use them tomorrow, next year, and 10 years from now. 

Equip yourself with this knowledge and propel your teaching and confidence forward! Knowing how to touch effectively and simply is one skill that will help set you apart and draw students to you. And we ALL WANT THAT!