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Andrea Scher + Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly Rae Roberts + Andrea Scher are your trusty guides for this juicy e-course! We are both artists, authors, longtime friends and big believers in the power of women's friendship for healing and transformation. We are excited to support you in creating YOUR delicious friendship world.

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About this course

Want to feel more vibrant in 2021?
Join the monthly Wonder Lab membership!

Every month, we will explore a theme together… manifesting, self-compassion, wild creativity, courage, telling our stories, and more… to make sure that you are nourished this year with beauty, joy, creativity and wonder. 

Every month you will get:

  1. A Wonder Workbook filled with activities, journal prompts and inspiration to ground you in the month’s theme. 
  2. Videos from Andrea talking about the theme, sharing personal stories and initiating a juicy conversation in the classroom.
  3. Interviews with other Wonder-Makers
  4. A cozy classroom experience with other kindred spirits sharing + connecting.

It will be a place for us to gather inspiration, cultivate more joy and feel more vibrant in our lives. 

I call it the Wonder Lab because it is a place to be curious, experiment, try on new perspectives and practice living inside the juiciest questions. Like, how do we create the best conditions for magic and joy to arise? Where am I afraid to use my voice in my life and take up space? How can I be kinder to myself (hustle less) and still achieve my goals? What would it look like to find my sparkle again?

The Wonder Lab is for you if:

  • You want to feel more vibrant + hopeful in 2021.
  • You want to surround yourself with a community of creative and heart-centered spirits.
  • You want to be more present and feel more daily gratitude.
  • Want to feel more delight and joy no matter what is happening in the world.
  • You are craving ease and simplicity.