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Anniken Allis

Anni is a knitwear & crochet designer from Norway but has lived in England since 1990. Her designs have been published in many British, American and German knitting & crochet magazines and she's also designed for several yarn companies. For more about Anni and her designs and yarns please visit

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About this Course

Special Introductory Offer $40 (apprx £25) - Normal Price $50

Would you like to learn to knit the continental way? Continental knitters carry the yarn in their left hand and their movements are usually much smaller than English style knitters which makes it faster.

During this course you will learn how to knit the continental way with Norwegian purl. The Norwegian purl keeps the yarn at the back while purling which is very useful especially when working knit/purl combinations such as ribs.

You will also learn how to do the continental long tail cast on which is a great alround cast on and once you've learnt it, it can be very quick. I can cast on 300 stitches in 6 mins 50 sec. 

You will get several stitch patterns to practice knitting & purling the continental way and I'll give you some tips on how to speed up your knitting.

This course is not aimed at complete beginners but anyone who know basic knitting skills (whichever style you use) will benefit from this course. I have been teaching this course in yarn shops in the UK for 3-4 years now and my students have ranged in age from 20something to 80+. Some students have been knitting for a couple of months and some have been knitting for 60+ years.

This course is designed to last for a week but you will be able to access the course material indefinitely after the course has finished. However I guarantee access and teacher support for 3 months after the course has finished.

The course includes videos, written lessons and photo tutorials. You can ask questions and discuss with your fellow students as well as e-mail me privately. You can also upload videos or photos when you ask questions.

The first course will start on 1 March 2011 & run for one week.

Any questions please contact me on