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About this course

Thursdays at 11 am Pacific •  2 pm ET

Begins March 19 

Graduate Practicum is an 8-week small group mastermind for advanced students who have completed the prerequisites and seek advanced work with an advanced cohort.

This is a rolling curriculum that satisfies the Professional Certification  program. Prerequisites are: Spiritual Psychic Level One, plus a total of THREE Graduate Practicum sessions. After that, you can go on to the second year Reader program.

Graduate Practicum may be utilized for personal development or professional training, or both.


For Spring 2020, we will explore "The Karma of Your Life" 

• Week One: The Karma of This Lifetime: Origin, Culture, Time
• Week Two: The Karma of All Energies: Group Thought & Misbeliefs
• Week Three: The Karma of Your Life's Events
• Week Four: Learning from Guiding Past Lives
• Week Five: More Learning from Guiding Past Lives
• Week Six: Karma that Needs Clearing: Soul Lessons
• Week Seven: Akashic Records: What You Need to Know
• Week Eight: Akashic Records: Soul's Destiny & Guiding Future Lives


In this course, you will be trained  in spiritual intuition.  You may already be a holistic practictioner, want to begin your own holistic practice, want to add these skills to a complementary practice such as energy healing, or you may simply want to learn these skills as a way of helping others or understanding your own life. 

We will work on technique, with live students, case studies and more, to create a practicum setting where you are able to practice these skills out safely, in order to prepare for your own next steps.


We focus on "entering in" to receive Divine Guidance, and "expanding out" to allow the Universe to lead us.  We use the tools of spiritual intuition to create a personal spiritual practice and soul inquiry.

Each sessión of Graduate Practicum is different,so that advanced students may take as many session as they like as a way of providing a consistent and challenging practice. 


In this course, we will utilize all hands-on skills of spiritual intuition, growing and deepening our skills and our ability to connect with the Divine for guidance in all things. This is a rigorous and advanced practicum. The more you practice, process and share, the more you will expand. Each session is customized to each group, and what we are directed by the Universe to explore. 


As always, you may do this course as a home study; as long as you listen/read the materials and do the exercises, you will have plenty to work with. Similarly, if you must miss a class or two, this is fine; it's easy to catch up. 

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