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About this Course

"Your True North: A Course on Sir Ken Robinson's Finding Your Element"

A NuMinds Enrichment online program for those seeking self-actualization

***6 Online Modules (approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour each, depending on your level of interaction)***

Creativity researcher and philosopher Sir Ken Robinson first began to shake up the educational world with his 2009 book, The Element, in which he makes a heartfelt plea to rescue the joy, spontaneity, passion and creativity that is being methodically hammered out of our schools' curriculum and, hence, our students. Robinson’s thesis is quite simple: when we humans live, work and play in a space in which our natural talents and our spontaneous passions meet, we are happier, healthier and more fulfilled beings.

Robinson's idea spread well beyond the classrooms and halls of academia. So many people were intrigued by Robinson's concept of the Element that they asked, "Yes, let's rethink our educational system, but can WE also get some help finding our Element and everything it promises?" Robinson's generous answer was "YES" with the publication of his follow up book, Finding Your Element. In this course, Your True North: A Course on Sir Ken Robinson's Finding Your Element, we journey together through the key principles and processes Robinson suggests are crucial to finding your own element. 

We'll start by assessing exactly where we are now and move a step at a time through many of the exercises, activities and ideas presented in the book. Why not just buy the book and do it yourself? Good point! We consider ourselves "curators" of the book's key concepts and in serving as guides on your own journey through the book, are like an on-call team of coaches and support staff--sherpas to help you up the mountain if you will!

More powerful yet is the community of mutual support that will develop among the travelers. Whether signing up solo or as part of a group, you'll find the signage along the path easy to read and follow but not overbearing. Set your resolve to explore new territories in your life. Ask yourself, what lies at my true north? And then sign up! We're waiting for you.


Created and Facilitated by Ben Koch, M.Ed.

Ben Koch has over a decade of experience inspirating gifted students from Kinder to High School. He holds a Master’s Degree in Gifted Education from Southern Methodist University and has 3 gifted children of his own. He has globe-trotted a bit, with adventures in Argentina, Holland, the UK, India, China, and Tibet making up his virtual highlight reel. With writing being one of his PKTs, he has had some publication success, including articles in Highlights for Children, Transitions Abroad, and Intercom, as well as a book of poetry. His other PKTs include…well, teaching of course, but also running, meditation and spirituality, and plant-based nutrition. He can be reached directly at