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Dr Helena Zhang

Expert in womens' health rooted in the ancient Chinese way of life & enriched by European & American TCM clinical experience. Serving as the Emperor's College of Chinese Medicine professor, Santa Monica, Dr. Helena Zhang is certified by Californian and National Boards. She brings over 25 years of experience to her patients practicing acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and qi gong. Focusing on assisting women in the entire reproduction journey, from fertility, pregnancy, pre-labor to postpartum and breastfeeding, she created the unique JG (Jade Goddess) Acupuncture-Hypnosis comprised of a total of eight tailored protocols to ease and accompany women's reproductive life. Dr. Zhang is also an expert in dealing with other female issues such as painful menstruation, premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

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About this course

This online course contains 28 modules over a range of 200 days. After registration, you'll receive one module per week, and you have the freedom to learn at your own pace—the course's content - films, videos, lessons, prerecorded lectures, and tutorials. Once you enroll in the course, you'll have access for 7 years including the updates. After the 7th year, if you want to keep the course and receive updates, we are going to charge you 50$ of the administration fee per year.

As the earth element of 5 Seasons Jade Woman, Jade Woman Medicated Diet focuses on using food as medicine to take care of women's health in different seasons and different ages. The course contains 3 parts of training: 

Shi Wu Yao Xing 食物藥性 -  Food is Medicine - Study of Food from the Chinese Medicine Diet Prospective;

Shi Liao 食療 - Dietotherapy - Using 5 Tastes & 4 Qi in food to heal a female's disorder and maintain physical and emotional health; 

Yao Shan 藥膳 - Medicated Meal - Using medicated meals to enjoy and enrich 6  essential phases of life: menstruation (including before, during, and after), fertility,  pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, and menopause. The course also trains the practitioner to combine Chinese herbs with food to create an individual dish for each female pattern or disorder.

Medicated Diet is one approach to Chinese Traditional Medicine. From the Chinese traditional medicine perspective, food and medicine share the same source. So, we call it Yao Shi Tong Yuan 藥食同源. Great food is an experience and crystalizing for a person - the tastes, textures, and smells. Jade Goddess medicated food is healing and crystalizing that for a person - the taste, temperature, prosperity, and communicating with different organs.