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Molly Williams

Molly is a Textile Artist and Designer BA Hons Embroidered Textiles Design Technology Teacher QTS MSCD FRSA Websites:

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About this course

An Introduction to Felt making - A beginners guide.

Your tutor is Molly Williams

Welcome to the beginners felt making course!

The course is designed to introduce you to felt - it is a simple process that has been used for millennia to make many products, from clothing to homes.

Learn about wool and how these little fibres felt together to make a strong, flexible fabric.

Follow the videos that show you, step-by-step how to make a piece of felt that can be used to make little mats or cover a small note book and then make a more decorative felt that incorporates fine fabric to add texture and colour.

There are videos to follow step-by-step and  downloadable worksheets for you to keep.

I hope you enjoy learning about this amazing fabric and use this knowledge to create your own  beautiful felt.


Best wishes,