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International Feltmakers Association

Hello my name is Louise. I will be your mentor for this online workshop. My first taste of feltmaking was 10 years ago with Sheila Smith, now our IFA President. I was hooked at my very first class and have spent most of my spare time since trying to learn more and more exciting techniques. I hope you enjoy your exploration as much as I am.

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About this course

This second IFA short course has been developed to show you how to use coloured wool creatively to enhance your feltmaking. Coloured wool in feltmaking can be compared to the artist’s palette. Just as a painter would choose the type of paint and method of application to achieve the effect required, then the feltmaker must make similar choices with wool.

Using only 3 primary colours and black and white you will learn how to expand your colour palette and add colour to the surface of your felt in a variety of ways. DF2 will also provide the second set of skills required for any student wishing to embark on CiFT.