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VSDVAA Training Institute

The Action Alliance delivers training experiences that build empathy and create intention to shape a world in which people, relationships, and communities are liberated, healthy, equitable, and just. Our trainings are designed to be interactive and collaborative, and we often use these spaces for skill building and sharing because we know that our training participants hold knowledge and expertise in this field and movement that we can all learn from. Trainings at the Action Alliance are created to inspire learning, growth, and imagination for anyone who wants to be a brave agent of change.

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About this course

The Building Your Toolbox virtual training series consists of individual lessons created by Action Alliance Training Institute Faculty on a variety of topics and is free of charge. Lessons will be continually added to the course for folks to continue adding and implementing new tools in their work. Registering for this course will give you access to all the current and future virtual, self-guided modules as they are released. If you have any questions or concerns about accommodations and the accessibility of our online trainings, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at