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Heidi Low

Born from dedicating years to growing through her own grief and life’s challenges, Heidi empowers others to create freedom and happiness, perceiving loss and trials as opportunities for positive change. Founder of ‘Ohana Oasis, a non-profit that empowers bereaved parents to live a life of joy and purpose, Heidi draws on her years of working with people from around the nation to craft her down to earth and practical courses. She understands the value in offering not only overarching ideas and motivation, but concrete tips and tools. “I have never met a person like her, who has the ability to speak on a topic we all want to avoid, and to give positive, personally applicable tools that affect each person.” - Mary Day

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About this course

Welcome to the Rediscovering Joy Virtual Course. I'm so pleased you've decided to invest time and hard work in yourself!  Some of the exercises and concepts are simple, but they are rarely easy.  It takes time, courage, and honesty to dive into many of the exercises.  They also often call for a sometimes uncomfortable amount of self-reflection.  But it's safe to say, if you do the work you'll reap rewards. 

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I wish you peace along your journey,


'Ohana Oasis Founder & Executive Director