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Jaap van Etten

Jaap is a scientist (Biologist) by training who shifted into metaphysics. He studies and teaches Metaphysical Ecology (Ecology that includes subtle energies, Beings, and worlds). He is an international speaker and workshop facilitator. He has written five books and many articles .He is director of the Center for Metaphysical Ecology (CME). His websites are,,, and

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About this course


A project of Mother Earth, an online course facilitated by UCME 

Do you feel a connection with Mother Earth and know that you are here to support her evolution? Do you want to answer the call of Mother Earth to actively contribute to the influx of new energies in this time of transition? If so, this course might be for you.

We incarnated into this beautiful planet to contribute to the evolution of Mother Earth. We do that by expressing our unique vibration on this planet. We follow our hearts to ensure that we do that optimally. When Mother Earth is calling people to contribute to a project, it is essential to feel whether that call is yours.

Mother Earth states that we live in a time of transition. In this time, change is a crucial element. Change is, for many people, not very comfortable. But change is inevitable. Our family from the star already offers many new energies and poke us to start working with these energies. In 2019, 313 star-nations offered energies to help in this time of transition towards a new time or world. The Beings in these star systems are our Soul family. They offer their support by presenting these new energies, but it is up to us to activate them.

Activating the energies of a very high frequency is a journey in itself. If you feel guided to contribute to the process, you will get much in return:

Your energies will expand, leading to faster spiritual growth.

You will connect to your essence increasingly and start living from it in ways you cannot imagine.

You will increasingly fulfill your soul purpose as a co-creator.

You will expand your awareness beyond the physical world in which we currently live

Depending on the time you read this, the course is developing or already completed. The key is to regularly connect with any of the multi-portals you feel attracted to expand your connection with these high-frequency energies. In that way, you help Mother Earth’s evolution and stimulate your evolution and that of humanity.

If you like more information, there are the following resources:


YouTube with the message of Mother Earth: