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Tea Silvestre

Foodie, marketing consultant and writer with a fetish for WordPress. My specialty is helping small biz folks find and share their Secret Sauce with the world.

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About this course

Questions for you:

Can you talk about what you do (or the products you offer) in a way that makes people sit up and say, “Wow!”?

Do you know what makes you different from your competitors?

Is there a WHY about your business that inspires others?

If you can’t answer YES to any of these questions, you may have a branding issue.  Which just means you haven’t found your Secret Sauce. Yet. 

I want to help you figure out your branding…

What ingredients would your brand need to have in order to knock our socks off?

That’s what this course will address. Here’s the scoop:

Module 1: Your Unique Gifts, Talents & Passions (Doing the inventory)

We’ll do some super-sleuthing together (don’t worry, I’ve got LOTS of great exercises to help us), so we can unearth the particular ingredients you bring to the table.

Module 2: Your WHY: The Hero’s Story (Mission, Vision, Values)

Learn how to define and declare your WHY (it’s much more important than your WHAT), and that put that why into language that shows off your superpowers.

Module 3: Crafting Your Story (Unique Selling Proposition/Emotional Selling Proposition)

This where we put the pieces together and find the unique angle that hooks your audience and makes them want to know more. You’ll learn how to deliver this message verbally, visually and in writing.

Module 4: Expressing Your Brand: What’s in a Name? (Your logo, name and other identity pieces)

There’s a metaphor behind every addicting brand. Let’s figure out what combination of words and pictures will do the best job for you.

Module 5: Planning to Implement (What you need to cover in a brand rollout)

Set priorities and outline next steps that will work for your small business (and your budget).

Who is this Class for?

  • Business owners of all shapes and sizes — whether just starting out, or in need of a brand “re-fresh”
  • Corporate employees who want to build a personal brand
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Freelancers and Solopreneurs

Intrigued? Here’s the specifics:

The course consists of 9 chapters delivered over 5 modules inside our very own password protected platform (like a secret clubhouse). You’ll study at your own pace and we’ll all keep in touch via your answers in the virtual classroom and our private Facebook group. (NOTE: this version of the course doesn't include the live group and personal coaching calls). Each lesson is delivered via a mix of video, audio and written exercises. You’ll get all of this wonderfabulous learning and growth:

  • A unique brand all your own — from the naming of it, to your marketing theme, to the look and feel of your logo. By the time we’re done, you’ll know what needs to happen in order to launch!
  • An implementation plan – you’ll learn how to best share your brand with the world using the most efficient tactics and strategies for you.
  • 2.5 hours of recorded lessons. These will allow you to work at your own pace.You’ll have some Homeplay (as opposed to HomeWORK) where you’ll take what you’ve learned in that week’s lesson and apply it to your own business. Feedback on your answers is  given online in the learning center, or get more by sharing your assignments in our private Facebook group (I will also give feedback there, as will your fellow classmates).
  • A Workbook — 63 pages of content and worksheets so you can easily refer back to any of the lessons.
  • Lifetime access to the recordings, the Facebook group and any updates to the curriculum.


$87 (NOTE: you can purchase one-on-one coaching with me at a discount, if you need some additional help. I offer a pkg of Two, 20-minute power sessions for $79. My hourly rate is $150.)

Why Me?

Branding and marketing communications are in my bones. Twenty years ago, I began my marketing career as a graphic designer, and over the years have developed and implemented strategies big and small. In my last corporate gig, I was Director of Marketing for a national nonprofit — and one of my purviews was guarding and promoting the brand. But it’s more than marketing for me.

I’ve considered myself an artist since I took home First Place in my grade school art contest at age 6.  I’ve also been a writer since I was old enough to hold a pencil, self-publishing not one, but two volumes of poetry in junior high school. In short, I’m a geek for metaphors — visual and verbal. I’ve honed my marketing expertise into laser-like precision, and have helped literally hundreds of small business owners just like you find their Secret Sauce. Oh, and I love to teach.

It started with a gig in college teaching lawyers how to use Windows® (and a mouse). For the last ten years, I’ve taught marketing classes in various forms and formats — both online and off.

In short, I’m passionate about helping small biz folks take control and learn how to market themselves. It’s what fires me up and gets me out of bed in the morning. Yes, I take it that seriously.

Here’s what people are saying about my classes:

“Tea helped me find my tune! I had so much fun going through the exercises in the first few modules. [They] let me get to know myself and articulate my values and beliefs. The Word Chef Secret Sauce Workshop helped me tell my story and find a theme to brand my business in a way that is truly me. I’d be still lost and trying to figure out that something special if Tea hadn’t coached me through my big “aha” moment during our sessions. A big “thank you” to Tea for offering this workshop! – Rachel Rubin, Playing Internet

"[Your class] has been a true blessing. I feel extremely fortunate to have been a part of it…It is definitely worth “whatever” amount you charge. Your lessons and steps were perfect, your attitude outstanding, and your support is just awesome. If the student is willing to put in the work, they will get a lot out of it! Just like anything else we receive what we put out…I have learned so much from you and will continue to take any course your offer. - Michelle Church, Virtually Distinguished

“I don’t have the words to thank you for all you put into this program! Although I lagged behind the rest of the class, I’ve saved every e-mail, assignment, recording, etc. because I plan to make you proud! I’ve already begun to apply your lessons to my website and my blog. Anyone who has the opportunity to sign up for your next course should get right on it.  – Margie, aka The Deevine Miss M

“A big, BIG thank you. I see my venture bigger now. For me that is huge. No more thinking small. Thanks for all the tools and increased confidence. Great things ahead! — Marie Herring, The MINT Fashion Exchange

Ready to Get Started? Great! Let's get you enrolled.

Remember: There’s a full money-back guarantee! If, after working your way through the entire course, we’re not able to help you find your Secret Sauce, I will refund your entire enrollment fee. (You have up to 2 weeks after you finish the last lesson to let me know this is the case.)

Questions? Shoot an email to or send me a message on Twitter @teasilvestre. Talk soon!