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Mary Blue

Mary has been a practicing herbalist since 2004. She is the owner of Farmacy Herbs store, farm and herbal school. Mary has been awarded 2 gubernatorial citations for her work as a community herbalist, has won many local and national awards for her work and her herbal products. She is an associate professor at Brown University Medical School. She has been a featured herbal speaker at The United Nations, USDA, Mass College of Pharmacy, Brown University and many more venues. She has been featured in Bust Magazine, New York Times, Boston Globe, Providence Journal and more!

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About this course

Herbal Actions with Mary Blue

  • A complete essential guide to understanding the modern language of herbalism. Understanding herbal actions is akin to learning the alphabet before learning to read.

  • These foundational components of herbalism will give you a comprehensive understanding of the healing power of the plants (their actions), and be able to apply this when learning about individual herbs.

  • This course will cover herbal actions A-Z and any correlating constituents and the anatomy of the body system the actions effect.

  • From adaptogens to vulnerary, this course will set you on your path to understanding how to use herbs as medicine.