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Apryl Jensen

Artist and Sculptor from Draper, UT

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The Master's Collection

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See each item individually for complete descriptions. 

All sets are in digital format (video and pdf files).  

Sculpting a Female Fairy 
  • 6 hours of full sculpting and wing instruction
  • Learn to make an invisible stand
  • Learn to sculpt emotion in the face
  • Use inset eyes
  • All the details you need to make this gorgeous fairy!
($59.98 Value)



young fairy

Sculpting a Ball-Jointed Doll Video Collection        


    • Over 4 1/2 Hours of Sculpting Instruction

    • Detailed video on all aspects of an articulated doll, including face, hands, feet, etc.

    • Custom No-Sew Dress Design and Wigging Instructions

           ($64.99 value)




young fairy

Sculpting a Young Fairy Video Collection       


    • Nearly 4 Hours of Sculpting Instruction

    • Detailed video on hands, feet, entire body

    • Custom Dress Design & Bouquet Style Wing Instruction

           ($49.88 value)



Fairy Faces

Sculpt a Fairy Face Video Collection         


    • Sculpting Two Fairy Face styles

    • Sculpting Fairy Ears

    • Making Glass-Like Eyes

         Bonus Booklets: Painting Jessica (face) & Great Hair Secrets    

($29.97 value)

Fairy Faces

Simply Beautiful Eyes and Face        


    • Sculpt an entirely new Fairy Face (Featured in Sculpting a Female Fairy)

    • Make amazing Glass-like Eyes with this second and super easy method, includes various eye recipes. 

    • Sculpt Fairy Ears

         Bonus Booklets: Painting Jessica (face) & Great Hair Secrets    

($28.88 value)

Sculpt a Baby Mermaid

Sculpt a Baby Mermaid 

Learn to Sculpt an adorable Baby Mermaid from start to finish with these HD videos.  Nearly 3 hours of professional video instruction.

($34.99 value)


Sculpt a Baby Mermaid

The Adorable Tummy Pose Sculpting Guide 

33 Page PDF on sculpting a baby in this adorable pose, using skills you learned in the Miniature Baby Videos.

Baby Ears Video

($17.99 value)

Sculpt a Baby Mermaid

Sculpting a Posable Mini Baby 

This two-hour video set will teach you to sculpt an open-eyed baby face using inset eyes. You'll learn to sculpt pouty baby lips, chubby cheeks, and tiny baby ears. I'll take you through the process of sculpting sweet little hands and arms, and darling toes, feet, and sweet pudgy baby legs.

($29.92 value)


Tails n Torsos

Tails & Torsos Video Collection 

Learn to create an amazing torso for your beauty, and turn her into a mermaid with the detailed Tails videos. Included Bonus Booklet on Creating a Custom Base.    

($29.95 value)

Making Wings Video

Making Wings Video Collection       

This teaches you all you need to know about making wings. Features Basic Wings Booklets, Advanced Wings, and the new Wings Video.     Booklets are digital booklets you View on Computer in Adobe Reader. 

($24.97 value)


Sculpting a Santa Head      


    • Sculpting a Santa Head

    • Sculpting Male Ears

    • Wig, Beard, Costuming


Bonus Booklets: Painting Jessica (face) & Great Hair Secrets    

($24.88 value)

Hand Video

Sculpting a Miniature Baby Video Collection 

Over 3 hours of detailed, high-definition video taking you step by step through the full sculpting process to make this little angelic baby.

($39.99 value)


Snuggle Babes

Snuggle Babes Video Collection 

An excellent beginner series of videos that will help you create a beautiful baby face. I'll show you how to turn her into an adorable snuggle babe, wrapped up cozy in her blanket.  

($19.98 value)

Sculpting Hands, Feet, and Painting the Face (with videos) 

This collection now includes videos for both hands and feet, as well as several detailed booklets on the sculpting process. Also includes instructions on painting the face.      Booklets are digital and viewed on computer.

($29.98 value)

Advanced Mermaid Fins

Learn to give your Mermaid these awesome side fins! Learn how to make beautiful side fins for your mermaid, adding depth, dimension, and stability.

($9.99 Value)