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Jan Blencowe

Hello, I'm Jan, a wise woman, intuitive artist, co-creator with the Universe, hedge-mystic, mixed media maven. A lover of animals, earth, stones, and trees. A leader of women teaching the inner journey and the creative process. Old Ways + New Ways honored. Creative Depth Coach certified through JourneyPath Institute, licensed JourneyCircles™ facilitator, MoonCircles™ Guide, and Jungian Tarot Reader. I love quiet and contemplation, poetry, and prayer. I live in beautiful Connecticut with my husband and Shetland Sheepdogs, Molly and Quinn (the kids without fur are all grown now).

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About this course

Feeling stuck, bogged down in old patterns of thought that keep you from being the person you want to be?

Have the past few years taken their toll, yet you don't know how to let go of what's clinging but not serving? 

Spring Cleaning for the Soul invites you to:

  • use intuitive, mixed media collage work as a powerful way to clear out energies from the past that no longer serve you while also acknowledging and honoring what your past experiences have been

  • powerful questions help you dive deep and claim who you are now so you can confidently be who you authentically are right now

  • learn to use the art-making process and questions to get clear about where you want to go and who you are becoming as this year continues to unfold

  • nine days of creativity and  inner work helps you gain clarity and move forward