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Jamberoo Abbey

We are a community of enclosed Benedictine nuns at Jamberoo Abbey, New South Wales, Australia. Our main work is praying the Liturgy of the Hours at the heart of the Church for the world. Our ministry includes welcoming guests to our Retreat Cottages, running Retreat Programmes and providing Spiritual Direction.

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About this course

In this Holy Week retreat we will be reflecting on what it means to live in the in-between times, and how we might discover more of the movements from death to life, darkness to light in our own lives, by journeying with Christ through the tomb of transformative love. This retreat offers opportunity to:

  • consider how we can better support the processes of transformation in our own lives;
  • bring our wondering to the scripture stories surrounding this missing day in Christ’s journey;
  • reflect on the place of our own wounds in the processes of transformation;
  • deepen our prayer and our awareness of love in the movements of our own lives;
  • consider how we can begin to participate in the work of Holy Saturday, as we explore our capacity to bring even some small part of ourselves, some wound, some loss, some challenge or concern, some darkness into the transformative space of the tomb.

This retreat is open to people of any denomination. While many will be involved in the rich liturgies of Holy Week over this time, it is hoped that the talks and opportunities for reflection and one-to-one conversations will weave together with the liturgical rhythm of Passion Week and bring us with Christ into a new place on Easter Day.