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Britta Schuessler

My name is Britta Schuessler. I am passionate about wellbeing. I have been a psychotherapist since 2003 and worked as a life coach since 2010. When I first came to Scotland in 1992 I learned about mindfulness and I have practiced it ever since. I have taught mindfulness in groups since 2015. I am a certified Mindfulness teacher trained by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach. Mindfulness has been very important in my life. It helped me through some very difficult times including a relationship breakup, bullying and chronic illness. It has also been one of the most important things I learned that helped me to live my life fully, enjoy myself and feel resilient, no matter what life is throwing at me. Mindfulness has enriched my experience of life, strengthened my emotional core and has made my relationships so much more effective. Therefore I want to share this with as many people as I can. I think Mindfulness is what most people need to feel healthier and happier.

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About this course


Welcome, I am delighted that you are having a look at this course. I am running this course for you. Whether you are struggling because of the pandemic or life is okay for you, now is a great time to learn how to be mindful. Mindfulness is a fantastic tool to help you with anxiety, depression and feeling more in control of your mind. However, it is also a great way to enhance our feelings of joy and wellbeing. Mindfulness can give you the resilience you need to face the uncertainties of our time.

If you are struggling with  health fears this course will help you to feel more calm. Research has shown that Mindfulness can reduce anxiety dramatically.

If you feel depressed, because of the ongoing isolation and the uncertainty of the situation this course will be helpful, because you will meet like-minded people with similar experiences to yours. This in itself often helps to feel not quite so low. But more importantly Mindfulness has shown to be effective in helping people lifting their mood and enjoying their life more.

If you spend a lot of time ruminating and worrying  Mindfulness can help you to learn how to step out of the loop of obsessive thinking and frees your mind to engage with the more nourishing aspects of life. It helps you to train your mind.

Why come to a live course? Why not just follow an app or read a book? Mindfulness is easy enough to understand, but actually practising it is not. In a group, with an experienced teacher you get the support and guidance you need to know that what you are doing is right. If you want to find out what Mindfulness is and enjoy your life more, this is for you.

Cost: £90

30% off, if you sign up before Easter Sunday.  Use the coupon code: 'Easter' at the check out. 

This includes access to the replays of the sessions, handouts and audio files. You will also have access to a recording of each session.
Spaces are limited.

Here is an overview of the course so you know exactly what you are signing up for:

  • Week 1 - Introduction: Start where we are.
  • Week 2 - Explore the undercurrent of your thoughts: Train your thinking mind.
  • Week 3 - The body as a place to stay present: Re-embodying, learn how to relax.
  • Week 4 - Loving kindness: Discover the  healing power of your heart.
  • Week 5 - Develop self-compassion: Become your best friend.
  • Week 6 - Take Mindfulness into the world: Ways to integrate your practice into your daily life.

Here are a few things you need to know before you decide to join:

This course will run over six weeks on Saturdays at 1PM starting on 17th April 2021.  Sessions will be 1.5 hours long.  Although this is an online course the materials will be delivered live every week.  You learn the most, if you can come to the live sessions, so make sure you keep your diary free for these times.  Course materials only become available the day after the  session and will remain accessible  and downloadable for a month after the course has finished.

Please consider this, Mindfulness is a powerful way to train your mind.  If you are on mind-altering medications that influences your mental ability to absorb information, or to concentrate,  please check with your health professional before you decide to sign up.

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I am looking forward to meeting you. If you have any questions, please get in touch.