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Jamberoo Abbey

We are a community of enclosed Benedictine nuns at Jamberoo Abbey, New South Wales, Australia. Our main work is praying the Liturgy of the Hours at the heart of the Church for the world. Our ministry includes welcoming guests to our Retreat Cottages, running Retreat Programmes and providing Spiritual Direction.

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About this course

The Israelites wandered in the desert for forty years, Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days and in early Christian times, women and men went into the desert to contemplate the gospel message and to pray. The wilderness of the desert is a compelling place and its invitation to enter into its vastness, reverberates in our inner depths ever seeking a response.

Do you have to be a desert monk, a hermit, or a full-time dweller in desert places in order to learn its wisdom? By no means. Desert wisdom invites us to an inner journey of the heart, one which helps us map our inner landscape, navigate its geography and learn to abide in the place where God simply is One, with us and in us. As with the teachings of Jesus, the wisdom teachings of desert mothers and fathers are always grounded in the reality of the present moment and in what is true, simple, accessible and pertinent to our daily lives.

In this retreat, we will explore and pray with riches of the desert teachings found within the context of the perennial wisdom tradition. Through the lens of the wisdom teachings of Jesus, the teachings of the Desert mothers and fathers of the fourth century and other early and late wisdom teachers, we experience how these teachings can enlighten and strengthen our contemplative prayer practice and inspire and deepen our commitment to the contemplative life and to the practice of the wisdom way of gospel living - today.