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Regina Trailweaver

Yoga teacher, Regina Trailweaver, teaches classical style yoga for holistic health. She has studied the ancient tradition of yoga and practiced social work for thirty years. Her love of mindful movement and passion for wellness, and are evident in her guidance. The principles of awareness, acceptance and alignment are inherent in every session offered.

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About this course

The four aims of yoga act as focal points and guideposts for the four stages of life.  We can think of them like building blocks that ultimately create one unified structure or four chapters that create one complete story.  This program will introduce the philosophy of yoga regarding human development and the aspirations and intentions of a life lived with awareness, acceptance, and in alignment with your true self.  

The three ethics on which Kriya Yoga is based have been enlisted to further energize and deepen your ability to optimize your full potential.  Understanding karma and dharma are integral to  manifesting the four aims.  And, of course, specific yoga practices of breathing, meditation, and mindful movement are included to further promote your ability to write, or perhaps re write or edit, the narrative that most reflects your wholeness.  

While yoga inspires you to study, work, be connected to family, friends, and community, and give of yourself to others in healthy, balanced ways, there is no goal to achieve, accomplish, or succeed.  Achievements, accomplishments, and successes will result when you live in awareness, acceptance, and alignment with your core values but these are not the aims in the yogic view of the trajectory of a human's life span.  The aims are much deeper and more fulfilling than any worldly or material success.  Although money, fame, and power are not judged or scorned in and of themselves but are types of energy to be used wisely and for the benefit of all.

However, this very practical course does not spend too much time on these philosophical questions!   Once the concepts are introduced, you will be guided and given the tools you need to understand your own life, where you have been, where you are headed, and how you can best direct your energies to navigate through the challenges of each stage of life from birth to death.  You can return to these videos again and again to practice and review the techniques and to keep fine tuning your life story.

Preview the course:  Introduction: A Dharma Talk

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