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About this Course

"Mindset and the Enigma of Intelligence"

A Parent Program created by NuMinds Enrichment.

For Parents of high-achieving and gifted/talented children.

***6 Online Modules (approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour each, depending on your level of interaction)***

As parents, we do our best to provide our children with a strong academic support system, from sports and extracurricular activities, to trips to museums and extra tutoring as needed.  Of all the many variables that contribute to a child's success, there are two that seem to fall beyond our sphere of influence: their mindset and their intelligence.  However, a child's mindset and intelligence is tantamount to how they view the world, problem solve, and grow into self-reliant individuals.

In this course, we'll begin by discussing what is meant by intelligence, and start to unravel the misconceptions that accompany this social construct.  As a parent, you'll learn to view intelligence in a new way and set the foundation for fostering a growth mindset.  The modules on Growth Mindset (based on the work of Carol Dweck) will provide tools, tips, and techniques that you can use with your child immediately.


Created and Facilitated by Justin Vawter, M.Ed.

Justin Vawter has taught and brought inspiration to his students for over a decade–ranging from 6th graders to college-bound seniors.  He is currently pursuing his doctorate in Gifted Education, holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of North Texas, and has served as both a curriculum writer and professional development author/presenter.   His passions include travel (most recently a Western European and Central American excursion), long-distance running, triathlon, and implementing new ideas into the classroom.  As of today, he has finished over a dozen triathlons, including the IronMan, and seven ultra marathons.  Publications include submissions to The Delta Blues Symposium and The Dallas Morning News.