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Brigid's Grove

Brigid's Grove is a multi-service, small, home-based business creating original Story Goddesses and goddess art, publishing Womanrunes sets, books of poetry, and Goddess Devotionals, hosting #30DaysofGoddess, and teaching online courses in Practical Priestessing, Red Tent facilitation, and everyday magic. The best way to connect with Molly is via her Patreon:

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About this course

Practical Priestessing Initiation Program Details

Begins May 16, 2021 and continues for four months.

Gathering your community to circle, celebrate, and sing…

Do you feel that divine hum of resonance in your bones when you hear the word Priestess?

Do you want to take a journey into your own inner wisdom and leadership ability?

Do you want to learn tools, resources, and rituals for practical priestessing?

Do you want to reach out to others in sacred community and facilitate powerful circle experiences?

Program begins May 16, 2021.

This online course is both a powerful, personal experience AND an intensive training in practical priestessing for facilitating transformative circles, celebrations, rituals, and gatherings. You will listen to your deep self, access your inner wisdom and prepare to step into circle as guardian and guide for other people who are hungering for depth, connection, restoration, and renewal in today’s busy world.

This course weaves together many elements: activation processes, skills development and exploration, practical “nuts and bolts” priestessing tips and ideas, workbook explorations of “deep drink” questions, and experiences designed to facilitate personal awakenings, insights, and processes within you that you can then go on to use with others.

Do you thrive in a small group atmosphere with lots of support, interaction, feedback, and personal attention?

This intensive program is limited in size to no more than 30 people to allow for deep connection and dedicated attention.

This course prepares you for priestess work in a variety of settings, including women’s spirituality circles, multi-gender groups, seasonal ceremonies, family celebrations, rites of passage ceremonies, rituals, memorials, weddings, and retreats.

Your online experience includes…

  • A four month  immersive journey over the course of a spiral path of initiation and experiencing...
    • Knowing Self (Maiden Unit)
    • Might of Creation (Mother Unit)
    • Gathering the Women (Crone Unit)
  • Each unit includes a ceremony, over five hours of audio lessons and walkthroughs per section, meditations, discussion questions, journaling exercises, reading assignments, exploration of ethics and professional practice, training in group dynamics and leadership, intensive projects, and prompts designed to take you deep into the practical priestessing "blessing basket."
  • Self-designed priestess practicum in your own community
  • Live interaction, support, feedback, and conversation via a private Facebook group.
  • Access to the course materials for 365 days from start date.

And, do you want actual, physical, tangible resources for doing this work, rather than another collection of pdfs?

With your registration, you will also receive a resource package in the mail including: 

  • 240  page manual: Practical Priestessing Workbook, compiled specifically for this Initiation Program. In this collection of essays and ritual resources, you will find complete ritual and retreat “recipes,” ceremony outlines, ritual guidelines, circle leadership basics, and readings, quotes, and poems to help you facilitate a rich, inviting, welcoming, creative space for the people of your community.
  • Handmade goddess sculpture.
  • Special Priestess Initiation gift (to be opened only upon program completion!)
  • Spiral goddess pendant with amethyst bead.

After your process is complete you will also receive:

  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ritual Recipe Kit e-book
  • Circle-ready digital files of the rich meditations and insightful readings used in the program
  • Ongoing support and guidance through continued participation in our private Facebook group
  • Opportunity to serve as a Priestess Assistant in our other online courses

This program is a phenomenal bargain at the investment of only $800 for everything  included above! 

Material on this page (2021) supersedes any previously published class section information from prior years/dates.

Registration in full is offered at the discount above. We also have several different payment plans available via these links:

  • Three Months
  • Six Months

    (Note: if you have previously taken our Red Tent Initiation course I do offer an additional discount on this intensive priestessing course. Email me for information about this option for previous students.)

For inspiration on your path, feel free to listen our local Circle singing the beautiful chant Rise Up, by Mother Turtle, during one of our gatherings

What is the style of this class like?

This class uses an integrative, multi-media approach, utilizing audio recordings, video, meditations, self-reflection, experiential learning, self-guided ceremonies, collaboration, and initiatory processes and projects. It is all asynchronous, meaning that you progress through the pre-prepared lessons at your own pace. There is not a live component, though Molly is available in the private Facebook group and in the class comments section for interaction, feedback, and questions. 

Access to material via a dedicated online classroom offers room for feedback, interaction with other participants, and deep exploration and careful consideration of the course's themes, processes, and learning.

This class is meant to be completed in full within a year's time. After the official close of the class (four months from enrollment), you are welcome to continue working at your own pace for up to 365 days post-enrollment. After that time, your window for completed the course process will be closed and you will no longer be considered an active student.

Refund Policy

If for an unforeseen reason, I have to cancel the class, your class fee is 100% refundable. If for an unforeseen reason, you need to cancel your registration before the start of class and your class kit has *not* shipped yet, the class is fully refundable. If you cancel your registration prior to the start date of the course and your class kit has already been mailed, your registration is refundable less the cost of kit supplies and mailing. If you cancel your registration within two weeks of the beginning of class and the kit has shipped, it is refundable less the cost of kit supplies, mailing, and a $150 deposit for having held your space. After two weeks into the class, registration is no longer refundable.