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Mary Blue

Mary has been a practicing herbalist since 2004. She is the owner of Farmacy Herbs store, farm and herbal school. Mary has been awarded 2 gubernatorial citations for her work as a community herbalist, has won many local and national awards for her work and her herbal products. She is an associate professor at Brown University Medical School. She has been a featured herbal speaker at The United Nations, USDA, Mass College of Pharmacy, Brown University and many more venues. She has been featured in Bust Magazine, New York Times, Boston Globe, Providence Journal and more!

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About this course

Herbal Foundations Online Payment Plan- Register for the whole program and receive $520 off and pay $20 per week. The payments will come out of your bank account monthly, and will be $80 per month for 6 months. The initial charge will be $80.

  • Under an hour of videos and detailed notes per week for 6 months. 
  • Receive a Certificate of Herbal Education from Mary Blue.
  • Watch videos on your own schedule! 
  • 30 hours of video- Herbal Actions, Tricks of the Trade, Seeds to Solvency & Herbal Medicine Making all rolled into one course!
  • A PDF copy of Mary Blue's Herbal Foundations book comes with the program!

 This program offers the student:

  • A complete overview of  Herbal Actions…  Learn the ins and outs of “herbal actions”, their correlating herbs & constituents, and an in-depth breakdown of how and when to use each herbal action.

  • Herbal support for: Skin health, immune health, endocrine health, digestive health, respiratory health. Follow along with Mary Blues Herbal Foundation workbook.  

  • The how-to of: Concepts of herbal medicine making, constituents, and solvency: the how-to of herbal decoctions/infusions, tincturing, syrups, salves, liniments, creams, poultices, infused oils, and more!

  • Herbal First Aid: Learn how to apply herbs for a variety of first aid situations.

  • Herbal Dosages for: Average adults, elders, children, and health/herbal support for specific populations.

  • It covers: In-depth coverage of herbal contraindications, herbal actions and herbal terminology, regulatory and legal guidelines, local plant ID, dosages, and herbal body system support.

  • Growing, harvesting and drying herbs for small gardens or large farms.

  • Phone support with trained herbalists available 6 days per week. 

This program does NOT offer group work or collaboration with other participants or live classes. All classes are pre-recorded. 

Cancellation policy: While the program runs (6 months), anyone can cancel at any time, through Ruzuku, and get a refund for the classes that were not watched. After the 6 month program runs, we do not give any refunds. Email to request cancellation.