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Gladys Paulus

Hello! my name is Gladys Paulus, I am a fine art textile artist and tutor, specialising in hand made felt and I am based in England. Since 2010 I have taught my approach to felt making to almost 1,000 students, and my workshops and master classes are in demand internationally, with some students returning year after year. Though my felt work has a strong technical foundation, I sometimes take unconventional approaches. Most of my methods are born from experimentation, and continue to develop and evolve as the nature of my arts practice develops and deepens. In my teaching I bring both these sides of me. My workshops are thoroughly technical because I know that this is what builds confidence, but at the same time I encourage you to arrive with an experimental attitude and to be open to play!

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About this course


This course is fully booked. I'm sorry you missed out on this occasion. The next session will take place in early 2022. To stay informed of the exact dates, and when registration opens, sign up to the newsletter and I will send you an email in due course!

Workshop contents are released over 3 days: 17 September, 24 September and 1 October.

This workshop is aimed at:  

  • Those with basic experience in 2D wet felting, who are ready to start exploring 3-dimensional sculptures in felt
  • Those with basic experience of felting around a simple resist, who want to improve their sculpted work, refine their practice and achieve more intricate shapes

But also suitable for:

  • Any felt maker simply wanting to explore some new approaches

Please note that this workshop is NOT suitable for complete beginners to felt making

With its intriguing shape, crisp edges and hollow spaces filled with seeds, the lotus pod lends itself extremely well to trying out a variety of sculptural felt making techniques, and makes an excellent introduction into working with  'complex' or 3D resists.

In this workshop you will learn how to prepare the resist, how to navigate laying out wool around a complex resist, how to incorporate 3D elements such as craters and seeds, how to sculpt fine detail and respond to the wool, and how to finish the piece to a high standard. I aim to take the pain out of figuring things out for yourself, while opening the door to new approaches that will help you in your future projects!

Though together we will focus on the challenges of replicating the shape and textures of a lotus seed in felt, everything you'll learn in this workshop is applicable to other projects, and infinitely adaptable to your own visual language.

Learning is supported through video demonstrations, step by step illustrated instructions, and a virtual classroom community where you can ask questions and share photos of your work in progress, so I can give constructive feedback. Some free bonus materials are also included in this workshop. 

During this workshop we will cover:

  • How to lay out wool around a complex resist

  • How to stay in control of the fibres while laying out around complex shapes

  • How to incorporate seeds and craters

  • How to sculpt the main shape and fine detail and respond to the wool

  • How to finish the felt to a high standard

If you have always wanted to sculpt in wool and were not quite sure where to start, then this may be the workshop for you!

Materials are not included in the course fee, but have been kept as low cost as possible, and you may find you already have many of the items on the list in your home or studio. Care has been taken to provide detailed descriptions where necessary, in anticipation of any questions you may have. 

If you want to take a peek at the Materials List before you register, please take a look here.