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Georgina Langdale

As a coach, healer, herbalist and death doula I’ve been working with the beauty of Nature, compassion and soul for many years now and I’ve supported many people in life, helping them deepen their own connections to the world they inhabit. An area I find I find deeply rewarding is supporting people as they navigate the end of life. The care I offer is non-medical and is extended to everyone in the room - patient and carer. Nature, soul and the people I have connected with have all taught me a great deal and I love handing this knowledge on, but I also continue to study with teachers and institutions across the world, from palliative care experts, to shamanic practitioners, psychologists and Buddhist masters, past and present. In 2013, I created my award-winning business Archeus and in 2021 launched the Centre for Nature Connection. Helping people look deeper and deeper into how we reconnect with nature, compassion and soul underpins everything I do. It has become my life’s work.

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About this course

THE NATURAL CARER - Nature, Compassion and Soul in End-of-Life Care

We want to help others in the best way we can. We want to be there for them. We want to know what to say, or how to be comfortable in the silence of unknowingness. Caring for someone at the end of life is one of the most profound things you will ever do. And it isn't always easy. But it can be beautiful.

In this course you will explore Nature, compassion and soul with a cohort of others who, like you, want to make a difference to the way we navigate living and dying.

Over eight weeks online we will explore concepts of care - both ancient and new. We'll learn techniques to deepen verbal and non-verbal communication. We'll learn how to care for the body and soul of a person before, and after they pass. We'll learn to care for each other and in doing so feel more connected, more timeless, more equipped to look death in the eye and honour its natural place in life.

This beautiful training is for anyone caring for others at home, in care, in hospice or hospital. It is beautiful for those wishing to train as a death doula, or to further develop their expertise in this area. It is also invaluable for health professionals. But also it can equip family members caring for a loved one at home.

The format for the course:

The Lessons will release on 26 May and 9 June 2021, and each week there will be a live Zoom session where we come together to discuss and play with the things we learn. This is also complemented by group discussion within the course. There will be assignments too, so that you can fully explore what this work means to you. Everyone who completes the online course will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

You will also be invited to attend a graduate weekend workshop in Havelock North, Hawke's Bay, NZ. The focus of this workshop is to come together in person so dig deep into putting the things we have learned into practice. This is not compulsory, but will be a very special event.

As this is the inaugural training intake on this course (please note that while this course itself is new, I have taught aspects of it online in the USA over the past two years) there is a 50% discount on fees (Full price is $1950). Enrollments are limited to 30 people.

This is a summary of the Lessons:

LESSON  ONE (releases 26 May): Laying the foundations. What do we mean by doula, compassionate care, care for the Soul, nature-based care. Modern care challenges and opportunities, History of care of the patient

LESSON TWO (releases 26 May): Verbal and Non-verbal communication techniques. How to start a conversation about death; energy; touch; chakras

LESSON THREE (releases 26 May): Practicalities for Care.  Paperwork; burial and cremation; what is required when someone dies; funerals - home care, funeral directors; natural burial; body care

LESSON FOUR (releases 26 May): Connecting to Nature. What do we mean by this; resetting our relationship with nature and cosmos; nature and the senses, Nature and Soul; Nature and rhythms; Essential oils, plant essences and hydrosols

LESSON  FIVE (releases 9 June): Ritual.  Sacred space; rituals for love and release; rituals after death; caring for the soul after death; cleansing the room; ritual for Covid times

LESSON SIX (releases 9 June): Book of Wishes. Capturing the things that will bring us comfort; legacy; coaching

LESSON SEVEN (releases 9 June): Grief. How grief shows up; grief and covid; nature and grief

LESSON EIGHT (releases 9 June): Business.

The workshop will take place at Taruna College, Havelock North. The programme will draw on all aspects of the online course and will include guest speakers. There will be no charge for the workshop and it is not compulsory (but it will be wonderful!). But attendees are responsible for their own travel and accommodation costs.