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Bryan Forsyth

Bryan Forsyth, PhD, has worked in a variety of industries including government, food, electronics, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, distribution and education. Bryan’s principal areas of expertise include knowledge and learning management, human resource management, organizational and employee development, organizational systems interventions, emotional intelligence in the workplace and leadership development. Bryan has been a professional in the training and development (corporate)/higher education arena for more than 3+ decades.

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About this course

 Succession Planning 101: Training of Potential Leaders and Managers in the Art of Motivating Their People.

There is so much at stake when identifying and putting your high potential (HIPO) future leaders through some basic training based on being emotionally intelligent in their leadership roles. This course will help them be at the ready with your support and interaction and help you create that bench strength you need for future leaders to jump in and take command as good effective leaders. 

I consider these some major underpinnings of what it takes to be a good leader and I hope you agree. Make this a mandatory underlying framework and give them credit (certificate, badges, or whatever makes sense to recognize their accomplishments) for achieving these milestones built into this course as a requirement for their opportunities for promotion. After all, this is one of the most important fundamental elements of success as a leader based on all the research in the literature and my experience as well as many of my colleagues. Enjoy and I hope we can work together for your succession planning efforts. 

This price point includes two assessments, one for the leadership lesson and one for the interviewing lesson. For the licensed version, additional instruments would need to be purchased from the web site.  The more you order, the lower the prices. Make this part of your processes and you can make quite a difference in the caliber of managers and leaders you have in your workplace. The numbers you choose to measure will show the differences, I can assure you. 

The way this course is set up is for the leadership to check every week on the progress of application on the job and you as the leader, the opportunity for feedback with my help as necessary. There are motivational systems included in the course to help the people stay engaged and motivated and  your help is always needed of course. There will be a points system included for accomplishment of each module which you can use a a metric to make this count toward advancement in your succession planning program which hopefully helps with the metrics. 

Blessings, Bryan