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Regina Trailweaver

Yoga teacher, Regina Trailweaver, teaches classical style yoga for holistic health. She has studied the ancient tradition of yoga and practiced social work for thirty years. Her love of mindful movement and passion for wellness are evident in her guidance. The principles of awareness, acceptance and alignment are inherent in every session offered.

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About this course

The Vayus are the five directions in which energy flows: 

1) downwards: 

2) upwards through the front body; 

3) into center;

4) upwards through the back body, extending through the crown; and 

5) spiraling out from the torso through the arms and legs.  

Understanding the way in which energy moves through the body and in the world is healing and empowering, allowing us to regulate our own energy and to harmonize it with the flow of energy in the world.  

This is the ultimate energy regulation system and includes posture (asana), breath and meditation practices and techniques.  Understanding and mastering the Vayus allows you to flow with the vital winds of life so that rather than striving, pushing, and grasping, you can simply see, know, and be in the flow.  This program will alleviate the mental health imbalances created by stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and bi polar conditions.  Regina has been practicing both yoga and social work for almost 30 years and brings her wise compassion and gentle humor to her guidance through these yogic systems.  You will learn to ground down, lift up, center, and move your own energy in a healthy relationship to the energy of others and every situation that you find yourself in.  You will be able to clearly understand what you see and feel and know from a deep place of insight how best to respond for the highest good of both yourself and everyone else.  Connect with your energy and the various forms in which it manifests and moves.  Preserve, conserve, and contain it, using it when and how you need to, while also increasing your physical strength and mental clarity.  

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