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We support children, families, and adults in all aspects of the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Being diagnosed with ADHD is not an end. It’s a beginning. A fresh start. And with Springboard Clinic’s combined medical, psychological and coaching expertise, it’s an opportunity to find hope in every step of your ADHD journey as you move forward and thrive in your life.

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About this course

Parenting with ADHD can be a lot at the best of times, and during pandemic life, it is even more challenging!

This 10- week online course, facilitated by Laura MacNiven, offers a guided process inviting you to step away from past behaviour patterns, in order to lean into a more conscious mindset as you approach daily parenting highs and lows.

This course includes weekly webinars, personalized activities and self-serve video content. The live version of our online parenting course kicks off Monday, September 20th at 8 pm EST with our first webinar. Introductory materials will be available the week prior.

We hope you will join us!