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Jackie Roberge

I am a purpose and leadership coach, workshop leader and public speaker. I help leaders and their teams take a holistic approach to leadership so they have the energy, drive, and clarity to focus on what matters most to them. This allows them to play big and step fully into a purposeful and fulfilling life - both at work and at home.

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About this course

Create - Align - Live 

Create a vision, Align with your values, Live your Purpose!

Are you contributing in a way that feels purposeful and fulfilling?

Are you aware of and living by your deeply held values?

Are you in transition and unclear about your next move?

Do you have a clear vision for your future or has work taken over your agenda and hijacked your dreams?

Here is what I know to be true:

  • Life is short
  • If you don’t consciously choose how you want to contribute, the corporate or other people’s agendas take over
  • Aligning with what is truly important to you generates energy, momentum, harmony, and fulfillment.

This group coaching program helps you get in touch with WHO and WHAT matters most to you. You will be able to let go of societal norms around success and create a clear vision of YOUR ideal future so you can step fully into your truth and your authentic power.  It will set you on a course to live in alignment and harmony with your values, and the difference you are meant to make in the world.  It is for leaders who want to make a significant contribution to the greater good and live a life with no regrets!

I look forward to accompanying you on this journey!  

At the end of the program you will have a detailed Roadmap with the following elements;

  • Your core values and what matters most to you
  • Your purpose, mission, message & essence statements
  • Your 5 to Thrive - your new definition of success!
  • Your Life Vision - what life will look like in 5 - 10 years
  • Your long and short term goals and immediate next steps 

And you will have clarity of purpose, increased drive and energy, and daily habits to create alignment with your bold life vision!

Here are the 5 general steps in the process:

1. Where are you at?  Whole Life assessment – your starting point:

In this section, you are going to complete a whole-life assessment that covers 12 categories of life.  The assessment will give you an opportunity to reflect on your life and where you have been putting your time and energy and where you have not. No judgment, just lots of awareness and openness to learning from your choices and resulting experiences so far in life.

2. What matters to you? Identifying Core Values:

During this part of the program, you are going to get three exercises to do in order for you to hone in on your important values. 

The third exercise is the Barrett Values Assessment - which will give you a mapping of your top 10 values based on a consciousness scale.  This exercise is both thought-provoking and enlightening. 

3. Exploring your gifts & superpowers - Purpose & Beliefs:

This topic includes a 40-minute purpose presentation that will help you understand the end goal and how to get there. There will be other self-reflection exercises and questions to help you uncover what excites and moves you or what breaks your heart and makes you want to change the world.  We will explore what you love to do, what you are passionate about, and what truly matters to you.  I will help you understand your true essence and its impact on others and your purpose.

We will also explore your inner compass - the feedback that will help you get on and stay on your purpose path.  

I will also share some information regarding your life number/life path and we will explore and play with powerful purpose statements, create a personal mission and delve into the message you are here to share. 

Developing your intuition:

Inner guidance will be key on this journey.

You will be invited and challenged throughout the program to continue to recognize, tap into and increase the flow of guidance in order to gain clarity and step fully into your purpose. 

4. What is your vision and definition of success? 

Your 5 to Thrive - What success looks like for you:

This exercise will help you rethink and re-prioritize important areas of your life. It speaks to in the end, what really matters, what do you want to have experienced in your time here, and what mark or legend do you want to leave.

Creating your Life Vision:

This exercise will help you bring it all together and create a vision of the future you want to create. It will serve as an on-going guide and reminder as you start to set both long and shorter terms goals and work towards realizing your vision. 

Writing and sharing your vision will bring you a new level of clarity and focus and will help jump-start your purposeful work.

5. What is your roadmap?  How will you achieve your vision and stay in alignment with your purpose and values?

Goals, Action Plan & Daily Habits:

This part of the program will help you draw out a more detailed road map to get you living your purpose, realizing your 5 To Thrive, and making your Life Vision a reality.

You will be challenged to set several goals and then pick your most important goal. We will explore and help you truly understand why it is so important to you and what you need to start and stop doing in order to move confidently ahead.

Authenticity & Vulnerability:

Without these two elements in place, the journey to realizing your life vision and fulfilling your purpose in a meaningful way will be very difficult. 

There will be exercises and invitations to practice developing the muscle of authenticity and vulnerability and seeing the immediate impact they have in terms of deepening connections and feeling empowered on your journey.

The group will be meeting every Thursday at 12 - 1:00 ET starting March 17th for 6 sessions.

Part of the magic of the experience is sharing with and learning from the others in the group.  A special dynamic is created when people share what really matters and define their vision and how they want to contribute at work, in the community, and at home.

There are two options in terms of course format:

1) Purpose, vision, values Live Online Small Group Coaching Program - the full program with 6 live small group coaching sessions, an online course platform for all your homework, session recordings, exercises, etc.  

2) Purpose, vision, values Live Online Small Group Coaching Program + 3 One-on-One coaching sessions of 30 minutes (to be taken during or immediately following the course) The individual coaching sessions will allow you to go deeper, get challenged, and get even more clarity around your purpose and your next steps.  You will also be able to explore potential blockages or hurdles so you can move confidently forward.  

Here is what recent participants are saying about the program:

After taking the program, my perceptions have changed. I feel like a door has been opened for me to explore and step into new possibilities.

This course provides the tools and framework to help you identify and focus on what is really important in life - something we rarely take the time to reflect on.

I am the author of, and am living, my story or vision. 

The roadmap was a great tool. I like structure so your document is a great tool to guide me as I continue working towards living a purpose-focused life that is grounded in my most important values.

This course emphasized and made me realize that a wellness plan with daily habits (meditation, exercise, nutrition, sleep) is critical to achieving my purpose.