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Beth Wolfe, Master LIFE Coach

Chief Creator, Visionary Alchemist and Founder @ Platinum L.I.F.E. Coaching & University; Adjunct Professor of Personal Wellness @ Olympic College; and a Board Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer (Medicine) -- Beth Wolfe Global Solutions, LLC

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About this course

Welcome to your complimentary experience of learning what the KEY PRINCIPLE of  DreamBuilding is and how harnessing it can create results in your life that really matter to you!

The benefits of harnessing this principle is your life being changed, transformed from what you want to experience in your life.  Noticed "from" not "to", yes that is a bit different and seems subtle but it truly is so freakin powerful to know how to "come from" your life blueprint and - how to harness the power-within-you not matter what your conditions, situation or circumstances are in your life.  It works if you work it!  

  • You will be able to know two key signals of your growth calling you.
  • You will be able to know how to honor these two key signals of growth.
  • You will be able to harness these two key signals to create a life blueprint that really matters to you.

Congratulations taking this step and this investment into yourself!  You matter, your life matters, your talents, gifts and love is needed  now more than ever in this amazing world.  Your Life-In-Full-Expression is what changes the world, one amazing person at a time.  May you feel a deep gratitude to yourself for seeking the greatness that is already in you!  

To Your Platinum L.I.F.E.

Beth Wolfe, Chief Creator 💫