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Julie Gieseke

Julie is a writer, performer, teacher, coach, consultant and speaker. Her art and her business overlap in many ways, She focuses primarily on personal story, memoir, autobiographical performances. Through her experience in these realms she creates spaces that are open, inclusive, fun and challenging to support people interested in authentic, creative engagement and full self expression.

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About this course

Collaged Memoir

Memory is a series of images, sounds, feelings, tastes, smells …

Memoir is a mix of memories, ours and others.

Using found images and our own, we will explore the ways that our stories emerge. Through collage and writing we reveal the unknown in the stories we know.

Elizabeth McEntee and Julie Gieseke will lead this five week workshop through a series of daily prompts in a virtual classroom and six live zoom calls (recorded for those that miss the call).

Together we will generate a series of collaged tiny memoirs, digitally, on paper, and with our hearts and minds.

Join us!